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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MoMentO Of YEsTeRDAy..

yesterday i went to new castle aka kb with asmad and fara.. we went to kb mall
just for a while and then
we went to take the satay
at the stall but unfortunately it wasnt ready yet.. hush.. kind of mad there.. then, we went searching and searching at others, then finally we bought satay malaysia.. after that, or before satay part (i dunt remember), haha we went to perdana specialist hospital
 visited fara's brother.. there, i made something so funny and all of them laughed at me.. imagine, we took the lift to move down, then when it reaches level 2, i straighted forward went out from the lift, and then i realize, this is not the ground level yet.. haha... then, i got into the lift back and they laughed at shame... huhu.. nevermind.. then we went to asmad house.. performed asar and maghrib prayers.. having our dinner bought from her mother... thanks for the meal kayh..huhu..=).. then we departed back to the institute.. reached here about 9 p.m.. then finishes asmad cloth at 12.30.. then.. slept....

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mE iS aS said...

br perasan weh kita xambk gmba pum ....kah3..lucu wehhh mekning nih....

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