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Saturday, October 02, 2010


i know i maybe a rude person..and there was many people said me like that.. fine.. i dont care as long i am happy with my life and never mind other people cases instead they needs my helps, i'll helps.. but, to know and take serious every single things of others is not me.. although i am a mouthful person but, i'm story telling my own life story.. no others life story.. now, i am listening to the song by wali band - baik-baik sayang.. (really miss his voice singing this song to me..).. hmm.. miss him..
okay, actually i wanna talk about this.. i know maybe i take this seriously.. but, it really get me big tempered and i hate this.. there was a person in my fb.. leaving two damn comments (4 me its damn) although for him its maybe a joke.. but, i really hate this.. its like he is mocking me with the words.. its like his perfection on me is negative although he didn't know me at all.. judge books by its cover is very bad habit person.. he is actually the negative person.. although im busy with my small business now, wasn't mean that i can't differentiate between responsibility and personal cases.. its silly laa... its like he is actually doing that and not me in the future.. seriously, i take the word so serious.. no forgiveness for him.. i can be gentle to someone, making joke and talking so much but sometimes i can loose my temper so easy that people rarely can see how i am in temper.. just, watch your mouth when letting fly the words towards me..


mE iS aS said...

sapo wey

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

adola sore manusio tuh dale fb.. haha

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