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Friday, October 01, 2010

friday night

hmmm... now im sitting on the bed.facing my lappy with the cat sleeping beside me on the pillow while the fan is winding me in front..huhu... what a very comfortable state im in.. hmm... i like.. feeling like im home right now.. it has been the firstt weekend im back home since eid holiday end.. but, still not going home actually..just im now in my aunt house, my dad's sister.. spending time with my cousin.. she's pregnant now.. 2 month.. hmm.. maybe in late april or early may, i'll get a new niece or nephew...huhu.. the family is getting bigger now.. me?? hmmm.. still early to be marry with someone.. hope one day i'll be marry, born childs, having a happy family with a very nice and lovely husband.. InsyaAllah.. if there is nothing bad happen... hope so.. i hope there will no problem come to our relation and crash it.. i want it to be okay everytime.. my cousin is so excited waiting for her womb bigger and her baby born.. she is so excited and happy with her life now.. i hope i'll be like her too.. its just, im afraid to be  pregnant.. afraid being sick..hmm.. hehe... never mind.. still early to think about that.. tomorrow, i'll be back to my teacher's training institute as i just come here on weekend.. back to my daily routine.. doing work and just one new thing happen.. now i'm doing embroidery.. and i am an embroider.. funny right..?? just wanna fill up my free time and my interest is in this field little bit.. but, i really hope that it wouldn't disturb my study.. my last semester result is very bad for me although others said its better than them.. but, its the first time i received bad result like that.. how come i cannot feel worry about that?? its my life... actuallyy... hmm.. athough i dont want it.. but, failure is something very heavy to be taken by me..its like tha failure ruin everything in my life.. my life sick because of that.. but, actuallt the result had created our relation to shimmer.. just e know about it..huhu.. while typing this entry, my mind is flying to someone.. someone that i care so much.. i know now you are tension enough with your loads.. but, i hope that you keep your health to maximum stage, and practice a healthy way of life.. i hope your tension and stress will go far from you.. i miss u.. same as i miss my dad, and youngest sis.. im wondering what is her doing now.. usually now she is busy waking up my other sibling from sleep.. haha... naughty girl.. and cute..

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