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Thursday, September 23, 2010


the question here is...

"why man always wanna being beside the woman or be friends with her if she still single?
why man will refuse to be friends with the woman if she already have a boyfriends?"

  so, those are the question crawling in my mind.. and actually it happen to me also.. many want to be friends with me but when they know that i already have a special sweetheart, they will refuse to do so.. 
  Why must being so serious to couple with her although you do not even know her and never seen her face.. And when you ask whether she is single or couple, and when she answered yes, she did have a boyfriend, they do not want to be friend anymore with her.. why?? is that the value of friendship for them?? just be friends with her just because you want something special with her?? isn't that ridiculous and not ought to be like that??
  For me, friendship is a very precious gold or pearl.. Why must we be friends with someone on purpose? why don't you be friends with someone because it comes from your pure heart and full of sincerity?? a true friends would be beside you forever, helping u in circumstances, and so do you.. but, i know.. here in the present world of life, it is hard to find a true friends because many of the peoples just be friends with someone because they got purposes and have to do so..
  I did not blame man, but i can see some of them is like that, not that all of them being like that.. there is also woman that do so.. but, no matter it is man or woman, it still there which is the APPRECIATION OF FRIENDSHIP being the matter.. Friendship is a valueless relationship..

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