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Thursday, September 23, 2010

it have been long time

it have been long time since i last updated the post in this blog due to loads of works...
this week, i can count how much hours i sleep per day and rarely i dint sleep at all at night..
just took some nap in the evening after class (if there is no evening class)...
its a very tired week.. on Saturday night, i haven't sleep at all and struggled up finishing the ELP and ELA assignment.. and then sunday is quite relaxed.. But then monday night, i've done the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE subject, then Tuesday night by spent time on EDUCATION COMPANION again then tonight with MATH, MALAY and BIOLOGY subject.. Thank God, finished it at 2 something... then helped somebody doing his assignment and done his reflection because he said that "my RAM is overclocking"..hahaha.. never cross my mind that word..hoho..

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