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Sunday, September 26, 2010

a hard feeling

i dont know why.. but... i keep thinking on something today.. something that i couldn't tell anyone.. something that i cannot break my promise.. i need to be faithful and loyal to my promise.. but.. it give me sadness.. im wondering.. what actually happened behind it?? i truly wanna know about that.. but i know, it wouldn't tell me.. even a single words.. hmm.. after the eid, it changes.. i can see from it sight, its appearance.. all changed.. its like it wanna leave me forever.. leave us here.. aside with the memory it left.. i hope.. it will not be like that.. im worry too much about it.. although it is never related to me as my hubby or sweetheart, but still my concern is on it..


mE iS aS said...

aini..ur such a lucky gal.bcoz u n him are kapel. sooner or later u both could be together.but me. it wont.wont b.

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

why wont?? do u have someone else???

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