LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WHY?? i couldn't understand...


he said "..............................."


he said "i'm thankful to God because you're wearing hijab.."

and he does make me feel really guilt inside..
y?? am i too bad?? until he said all that..
y?? is I'm too comtemptible on the eyes of him??
y?? what i've done wrong??

maybe because, among all.. i am the one who act such a bitch... with mouthful of words.. never feeling afraid giving out opinion and debates whateva i feel is wrong.. because i am too outspoken girl or like he said "makcik".. because i am wearing hijab but don't do the goods so much.. no quality of politeness or girls should be.. but i'm not... and maybe because i am too 'not alim' or juz 'alim2 rimau'..
his mouth, lips and his words is really sharp as knife.. its like slicing all my body into slicing of flashes..

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