LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Sunday, August 29, 2010


ITis really2 unexpected.. its happened.. and then gone... waaa.... so sad, there are so many people here.. but i am the luckiest one.. what a sweet dream for me.. i just came back from terawih.. skipped the witir.. heheh.. then.. back to the room.. sit.. sewing.. and all stuff..waiting for my frenz to meet him, wanna give him his pdrive for bio report requested.. but, waa.. i can't go out.. the door is stuck.. i thought there is somebody lock it from outside.. i try to open it with my key inside.. but, its failed.. then, i cant even think clearly.. i called zora.. requested her to open my door from outside.. and i am inside.. alone.. she tried, but failed.. then, more and more sisters come.. they tried to open it, with knife, spoon, hammer, and everything.. and i myself kick the door from inside.. but, failed .. failed.. failed.. its almost half an hour.. and then.. the door is open.. and now, its broken.. cant be close anymore.. hmmm.. is this a  bad luck?? i dont know.. i hope not.. this happen after 1 years.. tonight i'm stuck in my own room.. and last year, i am stuck in the ktm.. i dont know, where will i stuck for the next year..hmm.. when i look back, its a funny thing, but when it happened to you, its sick actually..

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