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Friday, August 27, 2010

special moment..

it was a special moment for me.. after long time since the Ramadan started.. i haven't met and going out with him.. just sometimes, meet him suddenly anywhere unexpected.. and it was yesterday.. i managed to go out with him.. spending time with him, bukak puasa together, and unexpectedly he brought me to somewhere quite far from here.. it's unplanned at all.. after berbukak, we went to pray at jerteh mosque and went there.. actually, i really wanna going out with him today, but its yesterday.. huhu.. late or early doesn't matter.. its just i wanna celebrate his birthday.. may Allah bless u dear.. he does ask me, how much i bought it.. i know i couldn't afford too much branded item, but still the gift that  i gave u is valueless compared to Ur love.. its non-valuable.. its priceless.. nothing can replace it. mind that honey..its a very precious moment.. i don't when else could i spend time with u again.. as u are going out in the next 3 month in the future.. but, i do hope, that u will visit me i said before, 'when the person is near to us, its okay although we don't even know what he is doing, where did he go and plus don't contact with us at all.. but.. when he is far away, the loneliness come, such a hard feeling come over to surface.. because we don't know, how is he there, is he safe there.. all question come by side.. its not the matter of doesn't know what he is doing or contacted or not, but the matter is distance.. ' owhh, i hope i can survive on it.. i believe u.. and pls.. don't make me regret.. I'm convinced on you.. but, pls.. don't kill it..

p/s : thanks honey.. for everything..
p/s : thanks to boo cause do went with us there.. heheh.. kurma tue syedapp..


mE iS aS said...

weksss..bnr aku nk ikut gak rr...bek aku tdo..kah3..(kabaha xleh tubek male)

i know the price.mahal doww...ish3...suh tok tnye aku, then i tell him..hahhaah

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

as : xpayah nak mengade nak beritahu die.. aku sengkes kepala lue nnt...
haha.. molep gop mg xg, xpayoh aku g amik mg ari tue... haha.. dohla sapa lewat dos.. hoho

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