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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


YEA... today is really a hot day.. and I'm sleepy really2 sleepy... why?? because last night i slept at 3 a.m for the third time this sem.. y?? because i typed the text for 'pengacaraan majlis' and did the physic question.. but, still I dont finished it yet.. Its to much to write.. I slept when my head really spinning like in da washing machine.. and then today, Oh gosh.. its PESTA BUAH-BUAHAN.. I loike.. I ate 4 big size durians.. its really yummy3.. hehe.. Mmg da niat nak doyan je.. syedappp.....huhu..
just now, we science unit were able to enter the meeting room.. it is a very nice room.. and we done our meeting simulation pretty well.. for some second, its quite boring and when its comes to suggestion/ other matters, its became happening.. woooaaa... huhu.. depend on the person right?? whether he or she wanna feel it as a boring or fun.. but I really enjoy today's class.. hmm.. I satisfied with my text, but after the meeting simulation, I still have to edit it because there are matters been changed.. =)

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