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Saturday, August 28, 2010

a sad side story

i finished the movie..'marley and me'.. for those who loved animal.. u should watch this movie.. its a happy sad story.. watching this movie make me remember my own sad side story.. if marley is a dog.. a good dog.. a funny dog.. then, black is my heart.. he is my cat forever.. forever and ever...
i still remember every single thing about him.. i lost him 3 years ago... the moment I went to kl is the last moment i meet him... then, he disappeared after that.. and never come back.. there is a while after, i came back home on holiday.. i heard his voice.. but, I'm too busy because i just arrived and straight away slept.. when i got up in the morning, then i searched for him, but no.. he was not there anymore.. i tried.. searched him.. but no.. he was not there anymore.. i miss him so much.. no more friends to stay awake with me when i can't sleep like tonight... no more person to wake me up from sleep by biting my toe.. no more black and soft fur i can see.. no more person that waiting for me when i came back from somewhere.. no more person putting his legs on my thigh when I'm eating.. no more person who did heard me when i cry and feel lonely.. there's no more..
when i got back to kl, then mummy called..'we found him already dead below our house'.. it's like my world end there.. and until now, although i still love cat.. but no more close cats for me.. no more special pets for me.. i just care on them but just ordinary as others.. I'm afraid of losing them again if i had one.. so, no more after him.. no one can replace him.. I'm tired of losing what i love, what i care much, my love.. its a thing that make me sick.. losing my identity... i miss him so much.. i never forget him although years passed.. sometimes, when i watch movie like this, or see sth that could make me remind him, I'll cry.. because i miss him to much.. miss his licking on my face and slept with me..

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mE iS aS said...

nk tgk ugok ahh..hehe..

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