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Monday, August 02, 2010


dah bape ari eyh aku xbercerita.. entahla...xde cerita nak cerita..haha.. sengal..
actually.. musim assignment dah start.. keje kuliahan pun dah banyak..
jadi, i need to balance my self with all problems and work that facing me..
its admitted that its hard to do it.. personal and work cant be combined..
if i failed to control it, it'll mixed up and then crashed me...hmmm..

assignment yang baru dpt secara rasmi is BMK and BM..
Assignment yang dah dpt tp xrasmi ag is WRITING and BASIC MATH..
mostly this sem assignments are about doing project.. hmm..
can i do it perfectly?? hope so..

personal problem..
many asked me.. "aini, y u didnt go home??" who says i dont want.. i want but i have problem..
i dont want to story it here.. just hope all the problem will be solved later although I know, It cant be solved in one single step or maybe take months time.. I miss my dad, mISS my little sister, miss my cat.. just thanks God cause last two days, my dad, mom, my little sis came here, take a little bit time here on their way home from Kuala Terengganu after seeing my both sister in mrsm kuala terengganu.. only God knows what i feels.. but, although i tell people about this, they will say that everyones gone that, its not a big deal.. but for me, talk is easy than you feel it by yourself..  hmm.. never mind..

it just my mind messed up with everything.. wanna type the 'teks pengacara majlis' for malay study.. and then i need to type and write both in soft copy and hard copy  physics tutorial.. if I proceed it before, maybe its not gonna kill me now.. but now, its killing me little by little.. i started to feel the pressure come to me crawling slowly bit after bit.. and for this time being.. i really need an approach, an advice, a cooler for me to think consciously...

Monday every week seems to me like a day of mood killer.. because actually we should have class from 2.30-4.30 for english language proficiency with mr.jalani.. but then we switch our schedule to thursday after recess because in the evening, we'll have our GERKO training from 4-6 p.m or 5-7 p.m.. what a tired day.. and until now, it almost one month and more I didnt really get a rest on weekend.. because there must be sth happen on saturday every weekend.. just this coming saturday, i still dont know what is gonna happen.. hope i cant get a rest little bit.. im tired.. really tired.. im not such a normal person.. they need to have one hour rest but me, i need to rest for 2-3 hours to get back equal energy same as them.. hard for me to cope with it although 6 years has passed. stil i need to remember, what i cant do, what i can do, what i can take for meal and not.. its a tired life.. but thank God, I still have the strength and moment to know what is life actually..

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