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Monday, August 16, 2010


hmmm.. serious.. i really dont like period.. huhu..
i know this is Ramadhan but i think i dont need to feel too shame rite?huh..
because.. in this period.. woman or girls usually dont compatib theirself too much..
their emosion is easy to become unstable..
there's time they'll feel sad, angry, depressed, and too musch happiness..
depends on what happen on their surrounding...

and for me.. this week is terrible for me..
not much actually...
i got a sleeping headache.. my head spinning around.. feeling like wanna fall down sometimes..
along with the pain in the stomach..huh.. i dont like this...
and my emosion is really unstable... feeling sad easily..
but thank i still can handle it much.. probabaly.. hmm..=)

with the assignments, presentation, schedule and everything..
feel like a big thing is loaded on my shoulder..
and i couldn't even manage to handle all the stuff..
just some of my classmates said that 'u are more hardworking this semester..'
yup.. its are.. actually.. hmm..
although i dont wanna being here, dont wanna study this field of education but still there's deep inside myself a characteristics..
which the characteristics is
'i cant receive failure too much especially when it's involved achievement mostly in study..'..
i dont care if i am not the top or best student, but i cant accept that i am among the worse..
(for me indeed)-not that i said that otthers are loser, i didn't mean that kayh..
[this is between me and myself]

one question that always running on my mind is 'am i matured??'
because most of the people will say that 'u are matured' and most of them expecting me older...
yup.. i admit that.. older than actual age.. hmm..
but, actually after people really know me, n my close friends or person will say that
'she has a matured face but sometimes she is childish.. only matured on certain thing.. but certain is not'..
i feel like this too.. huhu


mE iS aS said...

dop matured dh.....lau nk compare nga aku la..hahah

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

meme la.. kalu compare nge mg gak...
gapo jah hok aku buleh compare nyo... hahahaa

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