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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


this is a poem created by us, 3 different thinker of future science teacher from 3 pppismp science 2010 in madam mariah reading class. zora farhanes, ezzah syahirah n me, siti qurratul aini ulfa... this is our poem.. although its so simple, jus 6 lines but madam herself said this poem is very deep in meaning..and a heavy poem..

here is the poem:

Gleaming stars are diamonds in the midnight sky
accompany the lonely beautiful moon
shines the heart of the stars
glittering from the fingers of the astroids
twinkling at the eye of the sun
and their love spring forever...

so, what is the meaning of it??
actually it is about a lonely beautiful moon..
although all the stars admirer her..
and she is a diamond for them..
but she still try to show herself to the sun
because the sun give her shine, spirit, light n everything..
and then her love is accepted by the sun..
n their love last happily ever after..

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