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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


title does not matter at all huh...
not related at all...haha

i wanna story something that funny in stuff
but i dont have the story
like my friends izzul said "Bengapla ko nie" while taught me biology n chemistry last weeks..haha
never mind.. i used to be like that..
i dont even care what people wanna say bout me
as long as they dont messing me with their stuff that stuck my stuff..
if they want to get company with me,
i'll accompany u..hahah
then slowly i'll kick u out of my world..
once people mess me, i'll mess the person not even twice but times..
WAIT FOR THAT kayh..haha

a boy..messing with me
and im shock of what he done
i opened my fb..
then there was 1 text in the  inbox..
then it said that " buah dada awk lawa la" could he said that to me..
am i like that
even that thing never cross my mind
after i investigated it, he is a student from MRSM kuala terengganu
which i think he shouldn't do that...
and he just form 2 SHOCKED again...
oh my gosh..what had happened to this world nowadays...
now, i am being culture shocking..
even before, i schooled in kuala lumpur and i dont get any culture shock..hmm...
world had change huh.. the new era had begin..maybe..........

today..i feel wanna open my friends profile
i stopped at one account
its my junior in high school profile
i got interested on a website address..which is her blog..
and i opened impressed me..
1) english language writing
2) her style of writing and lending teh words really interesting..i love ur blog dear..(click here)

and today..what i want to do??
my mommy keep blabbing on me..
hush.. still i have 18 days to go..urghhhh..haha
"kakak, when u wanna cut your trouser waist??"
"kakak, when u wanna send ur batik to the tailor..?? ur holiday will end soon.."
"kakak, when u wanna do that, this, and those??"
haha..such a routine for me...its okay never mind..because im the eldest..
but i love bullying my sibs..haha..
"you, do this for me.."haha...


Jantan Keparat said...

teruknyew perangai diew!

mE iS aS said... weh..gmba u hok mano..

AtUl EyE-niE.... said...

jantan: tau xpe

as : gambar profil fb aku lonie la...
dio ata kok mesej..haha..aku block doh dio

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