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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


shadow..bayangan..or just the same thing..
i sometimes hate this..
its like a sign n when i think of it,
sometimes, it's really come true..

like the day before yesterday..
my dad asked me to take a basin of water to wash his hand..
and i dont feel good about the water
n then what happen??
my youngest sis splashed it over the living room..OMG.. evertyhing wet..hmm

but here...i wanna share one shadow that i have seen it more than twice
and sometimes i think it is ridiculous at all..why i said that??
because weeks ago, when i am lonely in the room
while packed all my thing in my locker
suddenly a thing crossed my mind..hmm..
what thing??
its a image of someone..
i see him wearing full white dress with tanjak n everything
like he is in 'akad nikah' moment..
i see him..near me.. n he is staring at me..
and we are happy
i could see his face smiling to me
but i dont know..i dont even sure..
that it is 'his' akad nikah or 'us'..hahah..
ridiculous huh.. i can't think about it..
it's scary.. if it is him's.. not our's..hmmm..
now i'm afraid to think about my future..
after my dream all come not true..
my life.. all's gone.. so, its hard to give hope anymore..
it's hard cause i'm scared.. it's horror...
when i think of this image..
it make my stomach aching.. and my head spinning..
because usually when something cross my mind,
and when i think which one is it (desicion) on what will happen after,
its sick..because, it will happen but usually in bad one..
and seldomly in good one..hope its good..
pray for me..hmm..
just i will happen?? and i hope it's good...hmm..

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