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Sunday, April 25, 2010

setelah sekian lama

fuhh..lame tol aku xupdate blog aku nieyh..
aku perasan gak..visitor aku pown makin sikit..
sory la sume...ari tue not in da mood nat update blog setelah habis bulan assignments yang melambak2 mcm jual kain kat pasar besut..ehheeh
tp ari nie..
aku jumpa balik mood aku..heheh
im very happy happy happy yay yay yay...!!


1st reason

broadband aku wat hal sesikit je kdg2
skang aku ley ym selalu..yippy yay yay..

2nd reason

migraine aku dah decrease..
beside, im happy with someone..
we are not couple kayh..
buut he is something special for me..
thanks for bring me happiness honey..
i really owe u..

3rd reason

i did manged to finish 3 paper of MUET..
i finished them quite well..
i love when it comes to writing..
because my idea just like the river..
flowing n flowing..
but still dunno how will the result doing..
hope i'll get good result..

4th reason

yesterday i went to Lata Tembakah
with as, nisa', jie, fara..
thanks all....
love u..

5th reason

thanks ezzah syahirah
because of printed chemistry report
if not, i didnt know where could i print it cos my printer is in my home for now
my dad borrow it from me..
because his printer broken out..huhu
actually, i the caused..

6th reason

before this..
im really stress with something..
but know it is release..
thanks for bring me happiness...
at least, u can make me happy..hihi


mE iS aS said...

hahahha....something spesel...ahhaha...peeewitt

AtUl EyE-niE.... said...

monde gok ea as..ha3

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