LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

da lame sy xhepy, so hari nie sy hepy..

hepy nyer ari nie..ha3...

reading in the library during free period..

weird but interesting phenomenome that happened in my campus today..
i just came back with my friends from lunch outside after class..
then when we reached parking lot,
we saw this,

weird but interesting...
its like all has been planned..huhu


Mr.nOb0Dy said...

wah mcm autobots ar cre dye parking sblh2

zumiela7 said...

bole dh wat pameran kete kat mktb kite..huhu

syazwan safwan said...

dominasi produa

AtUl EyE-niE.... said...

mr nobody : ha3..tau xpe

zaim : tuela..mcm2 keta ader....kena cdg kat pengarah nie..ha3

syazwan safwan : tau xpe...xnak tambah sekali ke??

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