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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

todays evening

todays evening,
my dad col me at 2 pm but i dont pick it up becoz im not in my room..
then i mizcol him at 5pm and
he said he want to come fishing here with my mum nad lit bro n sis...

at 5.30,
thanks wani coz u sent me to the beach..
ur are a very good roommate i ever had...

at 6.30,
im lying on the rug
n then fell slept there until 7.45..
a very tired day until i fallen sleep there..
it was a good slept actually..

at 8.30,
my daddy sent me back to campus...

straight away online,
updating my fb,
n all other stuff..
hearing the video of lady gaga, taylor swift, rihanna, and m2m in my lovely lappy until now,
i love their songs esp taylor..
she has a good voice..
folded all the clothes,
and organized my room back from untidy to tidy...

n now im updating my blog..
im apologize to all becoz i cant update this blog too much for this time being becoz i dont have time,
i need to do my assignments..
its about 16/17 assignment i need to do..
day after tomorrow,
i need to submit the bmk assignment,
the next sunday,
i need to submit the thinking skills assignments..
i still dont even touch on it yet...

p/s :
- dont take to much on social networking site...
- do ur assignments early..
- be well prepared for class tomorrow..
- take enough sleep..if not, u will fall asleep in the class tomorrow..
- dont eat too much, it will make u lazier than ever..
- drink lots of mineral water..

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