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Monday, March 29, 2010

this is a day where i got sleepy very much although im in a class where one of my favourite subject is taught.

i love PHYSICS instead of ENGLISH and HISTORY..!!

for me, all these subject is fun..
physic is because it involve all the mathematical and theoretical things..
while English is about the languages of the worldwide and unique..
although sometimes, we keep learn it repeatedly since primary n then secondary n then proceed to tertiary level,
I bet there is no people who can really being power in it..
still the mistake is happen rite??
thats y it is unique..
history...hmmm.. its fun..
kinda stuff that might make we sleep tight with head on the desk..
but if u really interested in reveal the history of something,
u must be surprised because,
with history, we might dig deep inside of something...

and this is my work done instead of fallen sleepy in the class...

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