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Thursday, February 18, 2010

an updating blog

so many sorry to all of my loyal readers,
i cant manage my time well to update this blog..

1st reason is because of chinese new year..
i got a couple of day of holidays,
so i went back home 4 5 days,
and at my home, the internet connection is quite slow,
so i can't update my blog well..

2nd reason is because of the assignments,
my assignments all in progress,
and i have to do the 'bmk' assignments a.s.a.p because
tomorrow morning, i'll be departure from jerteh to shah alam for a debate tourney
that will be held in uitm puncak alam, shah alam, selangor...
so, the time is running and leaving me behind..

3rd reason is because i dont have any idea to story telling, lol...

i'll promise i'll update this tomorrow if i can manage to online in shah alam..

for now, good luck all in your life..

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