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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Today's spending

i went to the pasir puteh town..
with my lit sis and my dad..
my sis went 4 a medical check up because she got an offer to
kuala terengganu mara junior science college
which my other lit sis study currently in form 5 there..
full of congrats to u zati..
remember, be a person that will be an example to our siblings esp..
while waiting for her,
i and my dad went to agrobank atm machine,
checking my account..
i thaught there will be 8 hundreds++ but juz one month allowance means 400++ only..
so sad..
i really need the money for my debate tourney next week...
i'll be in uitm Shah Alam, insyaallah..
attending a debate tournament...
for a couple of days..
very hactic days will be..
for this tourney, i'll just be a reserve..
tired of
wanna see n experiencing there..

after taking some of my money, n my sis finished,
we went to book store..
i bought a 'tatabahasa dewan', n other stuffs..
went back home...
what a tired day huh..

sleepy right now, gotta go..
see u all next time reading my future
thanks for the reads..
owe u so much..

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