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Saturday, February 06, 2010


 after weeks finding the new template for my blog,
finally i did manage to find one blogger template that satisfied my satisfaction....
but i dont know if my readers feels it like a

hope all readers satisfied with it..

and for this time being..
i feel really sorry because i didn't manage to update my blog recently..
due to lots of homeworks,
debate training and
other stuff that i need to be done...

as an assistant monitor in da class..
there are quite loads to do with...
dealing with every head in my class wasn't an easy one...
yes, i admit that people said,
" sharing is caring"..
but with my rational thinking,
the sentence or quote just good for some aspects only..
but other aspests, it does not fulfill it much...
other quote

same as usual, on weekend,
i'll be gone...
today is saturday..
my daddy sent me just now at 5.p.m..
with my lit bro accompanied me..
carried all my
well, he is not my slave...
just helped..

after that, both of them going to the kluang hill beach..
for fishing some fish..
the beach is just 1 kilometre from my campus,
facing the perhentian island..
a wonderful island but still i havent manage to go there..
maybe someday in the future...
i dunno what actually is called for 'memancing'..
lost loads of vocabulary actually...
with my cousin..
from my father's side..
i dunno,
i think there is no tsunami happen recently,
but since last 3 weeks,
they started to find some lokan in mangrove swamp,
n then from this early week,
they started to whip the
and me, are influnced to..

for me,
a girl growing in a village deep inside a state named kelantan in a country called malaysia,
i dont like to shopping, using make-up, as other girls..
but its easier for me to fish with a casting net,
or get into the bushes or river to find fish such edible river catfish (ikan keli),
freshwater fish (haruan, sepat) and others..
for us, it is challenging, experiencing,
better than spending money for some stuff that i dont really need it...
maybe because we're teached like this by my father and my mother...
and keep remembering, "dont forget your route"..
doesn't mean that we altogether love to do this,
we're bad at education stuff...
we do have tv, radio, astro, broadbands, laptops, pc, cellular phones, loads of books, novels, Quran as our hand-grip..
we're not leaved by the technology but this is our proclivity..

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