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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Me Myself..!!

for those who didnt know me well..
well today im feeling like to introduce

name : siti qurratul aini ulfa binti rodin jaya
age : 18 to 19 this coming jun..
hometown : gong garu village in pasir puteh district in kelantan state in a country called malaysia..
currently living : in a hostel in a Sultan Mizan teacher;s training institute
status : students ( a teacher's trainee)
course taken : bachelor of science
website :
fav food : italian food
fav drink : fresh orange, carrot blended..
fav colour : of course blue..
fav subject : love english so much..
fav book : harry potter, twilight, vampire diaries, all vampire stories, and all english stuff..
fav movie : harry potter, twilight, CSI : NY, horror, action n thriller movie
what do i love : i love sleep, rest, travelling, learn new culture, make friends, foods, blogging and reading..
what i hate : hipocrite people, unorganized, undetail information, stood up like a dumb, people that love to give trouble on me..

so, this is me   

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