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Sunday, February 21, 2010


it is a very sad day..
miz all the debaters, adjudicators and all others that are related with it..
thanks for the organizer for organizing this debate tourney,
although it is not organized well..

i got a chance and respect to be the chief adjudicator
but unfortunately, i dont dare to be..
so i switched into panel again..haha
all the 3 motion for yesterday went on well...
its sometimes hard to define,
who has the right to win...
but there must be a winner and a loser right??

for today..
there were announced 16 team who are manage to be in octo-final..
both of my team didnt manage to get into octo-final but they were fantastic
with 4 win and maybe 2 lost...
but its ok..
we came here for a piece of knowledge that not all people dare to take this chances
manage their self into debating world..
its a wonderful world and there are many new things that u can learn..
this is the stage where the beginner move on their step in debating world...
finding the right direction on how to be an experienced debater and also adjudicator...
it hard to say how i feel about this precious chance i ever had..
but i hope i'll be here next year..
good bye Selangor,
good bye UITM SHAH ALAM,
good bye KL,
good my my friends,
good bye all...
MISSING so much..


joegrimjow said...

mesti rindukan rapid kl

ElLiSa EyE-niE.... said...

itu of course..
bukan selalu dapat dtg..
zaman skola dulu pown time nak balik cuti je dpt guna rapid..

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