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Friday, February 26, 2010


IM sory becoz actually yesterday we went to Jerteh..
but because of internet connection unavailable,
so i had to post it today...

it was a fantastic day..
i've been here for almost 8 month n this is the first time
i could make to go to jerteh with my friends..
tasha, zora, zetty, nida, aida, sarah,me, and fitrah..
because normally i go home on weekend..
but this weekend, im not go home because
my campus celebrate hari Maulidur Rasul n
tomorrow will be a sports day..
so, im staying now in my campus..

we depart like 2.30 pm to jerteh by taxi..
we were all 8 person, so we used 2 taxi..
we arrived there at 3.00 pm..
first thing that we do is walking to the BSN,
draw some money,
n then went into the econjaya..
there i also saw big racks of teddy bear..
i wish i could have the big one..
its is cheap...

snap a pic in front of econjaya while waiting for the others...

there i bought a binding comb and an apple twister..
but before that i had already bought my contact lens solution..
then we went to acer shop and bought a black in cartridge for rm 55 one,
proceeded to guardian....
i dont buy anything there since i dont have nothing to buy there..
after that, we straight forwarded to smo bought stationary n i bought a reader's digest,
there have been 2 years i dont subscribe for it,
i wish i could,
its a good magazine to be read..
 this is all stuff i bought..

dont see the quantity but watch the price

the most important thing is KFC..
we went there and have fun there...

my meals..

credits for zetty for snapped this pic..


after ate all the foods,
we went to the Jerteh mosque for Asar prayer..
it is a beautiful mosque..
very big huh..



 all of us...
but fitrah is not in the pic..
she took this pic..

last pic there..

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