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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CANING WOMEN: Explain this to the world

I found this article or a question that should be answered and taken serious by muslim or muslimah..


I DON'T understand the brouhaha about the caning of three Muslim women for illicit sex under syariah.
This is done in other Muslim countries that practise syariah. Why single out Malaysia?

Is it because Malaysia is known as a moderate Muslim country and that some people think it should sideline the punishments and laws that have been enshrined for more than 1,000 years?

In Malaysia, under the Federal Constitution, a Malay is a Muslim who practises the tenets of the Quran and Sunnah, and that includes receiving punishment for acts against the teachings of Islam.

I see no reason why a Muslim man or woman cannot be punished under syariah. There is nothing discriminatory in Islam.

Only those who do not understand the teachings and meaning of the Quran would have such perceptions, like the Western media that condemn the caning as barbaric.
Are killing civilians and destroying their homes and denying them food, medicines and medical equipment in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza not barbaric?

It is regrettable to see the moral decay among some Muslims in Malaysia, especially young men and women.

I feel the caning must be explained to the Western world, to make them understand that such actions must be taken to curb free sex, especially among Muslims.

The government and Muslim non-governmental organisations must work together to find ways to end the moral decay affecting Muslim men and women.


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