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Friday, January 15, 2010

Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon...
Happy weekend for those having holiday for today and tomorrow..
usually the states from the east-coast peninsular..

There has been a very long time since i dont update my blog...
diz is due to many factors esp due to weakness of internet connection...
the holiday past without nothing worth to do..
just spent time with my family only...

diz is my cousin mohd imtisar muhaimin...
cute right??
he and his sister are the most closest cousin i ever had...
its have been long time since i leave KL and back to kelantan..
i really miss KL and dunno when i can visit and stay with them like 2 years ago..
i cant withstand well living in kelantan terengganu
although im kelantanese...
dont blame me on what had i said..
but there are too much factors dat i cant withstand..
but lofe must go on rite??


nur balqis batrisya..
cute rite..
she's now 3 years old..
akin with my sister siti nuwairah nabihah...
both grow up with cleverness nad beautiful little girls...
love playing and talking with her..
miss her so much...

up is my youngest sis
nur filzah mardhiah awatif binti rodin jaya..
when im around, she'll be with me all the time..
she is the closest sibling i ever had...
now she is 10 months old..
start walking around..
calling 'abah' and 'umi'..
grow up some teeth..
n playing around with my other sis n bro..
very naught litlle girl..

this is my younger brother..
now form 3..
will be faced PMR..
hope he'll be excellent...
very naughty boy......

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