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Monday, November 23, 2009

my world inside my house together along with my comrades..

why i said comrades??
because we always toward the same path..
same entertainment..
same food..
same will..
everything just the same..

i have 2 younger brother n 5 younger sister..
which means..
i'm the first in my siblings..

i doesn't have the intention to create a new post..
the internet doesn't functioning well..
and the signal is very low...
i'm wondering..
when will i get good broadband connection..hee..~..
n then..
i might online all the time..
will it become true??
what a ridiculous thing i ever wondering..

continue with description of my family..
im the first.
just like what i'd mentioned just now..
currently study in
sultan mizan teacher's training institute
in kota putra, besut, terengganu..
taking science as my major course..
n malay language 1 with english 1 as my minor...
but i would prefer english as my major course..
but it just day-dreaming...
i cant step into it although just for a little moment...
just stick with what im doing now rite??
supposed it to be..

my 1st sister...
her name is nur ainun athirah binti rodin jaya...
currently study in
kuala terengganu mara junior science college..
the most person that i'd never can compete with..
my upsr result..
my pmr result..
is just the same with her..
but still i got a d's in my pmr..
creating a little barrier between us..
next year..
she will be taking spm..
im totally sure..
that she'll excel in the exam..
hope so..
n if so..
more barrier will be created between us..

the third in my siblings..
nor ahmad fitri..
currently study in my previous school..
jeram secondary school
pasir puteh, kelantan..
seems like he will excel too in his study..
why i'd say that...
he repeat the upsr result just like his sisters done..
that's why i'd said it..
he got a placed in faris petra science school..
but he doesn't want to go there..
may be there is something's hiding behing us..
hope he will get another chance after pmr result announce next year..
hope he will be a good n brave person in the future..
he scared of leech very much..
and also darkness..hahhaha
he never go to the toilet alone without anyone accompanied him.....

move to my second sister..
nur syafiqah izzati binti rodin jaya...
she just got 5a's in her upsr result..
the same result again..
thanks to god...
now applying to mara junior science college n also
boarding school...
just like what we, her sis n bro done before..

i think i just stop here..
thinking that i'd wrote lots today..
as a conclusion...
im really proud to have a really wonderful siblings in my life..
although we sometimes does not come with same words..
but it always tighten our bond..
just like the chemical bond between
hydrogen n oxygen that form water...
can't be cut..
always flow forever
no matter what or how..

will be continued...soon........

Monday, November 09, 2009


hai sume............
dah lame aku xupdate blog aku nie....
hari ini...
rase nak update plak..
kebetulan wireless baru ok..alhamdulillah........

bermulanya cerita begini...
2 hingga 3 hari lps........
aku n d-va n mem-beso bosan..
lalu menibukkan diri untuk ber make-up..
d-va nak bukak salon nnt start keje n
dlm cuti sem nie..
semoga berjaya d-va saerah..hahhaha

nak dimulakan cerita..
berjam-jam lamanya berlalu..
dengan draw erase eye liner..
dva sudah mula fed up..
pedih tepi mata aku saampai mrh jdnya sbb
kna genyeh dgn tisu..
d-va punya psalla nie...
cam senget je..


sila bg komen anda nnt di ruangan yang disediakan yea...

adakah lawa tau sebaliknya???

mata yang paling penting..
nie mata i yang asli..coklat tua...hehe
rasa mcm masuk opera cina jea...
tarian jawa pun mcm ni gak kew??/

bakat d-va mmg terserlah..
syabas buat d-va saerah..
semoga bahagia...hihihi

ps: jgn makan megi banyak sgt wahai d-va terchenta...
nnt rosak sel dlm bdn bak kate
cikgu sains..

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