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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yesterday and today

today and yesterday is a very sad day for me..
everyday of my life's activity is just quarreling with my hubby..
n yesterday again i'm quarreling with him..
i request for a stop for moment of our life from him..
i dont know why..
there are always problems in our relation...
im just stuck out of everything..
i cant think nothing....
cant be solved.
im really really frustrated...
with everything happened in my life...

and today...
i cried in the class because of him..
i know..
that was my fault requesting for a clash out of this relation..
n then i myself being in a very bad sadness..
i dont know why..
do i care of him??
do i love him??
do i miss him??
im erroneous with myself..
shame of myself..
hope i will find some glow in my life..
that will bright out my life..
show the way on how should i manage with this problem...
enough for now i think..

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