LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

me myself.. nothing to say...

Assalamualaikum n very pleasure day to all readers...
my new habit..
what a damn funny..
as a girl that will become a woman in the future,
i'm changing from a people dat does not like cartoon and now!!
i'm requesting every people dat have kamen rider movie..
it's cartoon rite??hihi
i've had finished 31 series of kamen rider decade for two days..
its very interesting movie i think..
its all a bout a rider named decade or tsukasa-kun that has been travelled
to 9 worlds of riders...
actually he was also known as the destroyers of 9 worlds riders..
but he changed that fact by helped them in difficulties against enemies...
at the end, he still dont found his world and he travelled more to other worlds..
amazon world, world without rider, daiki world and so on..
but, at last, he had been killed by the 9 worlds riders because if decade exist, then 9 worlds riders will wiped out..

now going through today..
i got and already burned 26 series of kamen rider kabuto..hhihihi

im wondering y i became like this..
no one knows..
no one cares..
its truly absolutely good....

off now for a class..tattaa...

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