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Monday, October 26, 2009

eating and story telling

now im eating pattaya fried rice in my classmates room..
hhmmmm... its very delicious...
there has been so long time i dont buy food from the restaurant as its was closed all days..
i went out with my beloved friends tasha and maisarah aka ustazah and diva..
as for now..
im online in tasha's room using 'bird' wireless connections...
thanks god because there is no interruption of connections..

this evening was a painful evening for me..
i dont why..
but that was all about the lecturer that taught english in my class..
she always hesitate us with her character..
i dont know why..
she always denied what my classmates said..
and i also denied by her...
the right answer become wrong..
and the wrong answer become right...
one situation that i cant forgot is
maisarag aka d-va..
madam : what is the feeling, situation in the story??/
d-va : frustrated
madam : no!! its wrong.. its not feeling!!
d-va : " questioning herself"-what the hell... now, i just know that frustrated is not feeling!!!... weird!!!"
arrggggghhhh... everybody tension with the lecturer..
enough for now...
gud night.. havea sweet dream...

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