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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yesterday and today

today and yesterday is a very sad day for me..
everyday of my life's activity is just quarreling with my hubby..
n yesterday again i'm quarreling with him..
i request for a stop for moment of our life from him..
i dont know why..
there are always problems in our relation...
im just stuck out of everything..
i cant think nothing....
cant be solved.
im really really frustrated...
with everything happened in my life...

and today...
i cried in the class because of him..
i know..
that was my fault requesting for a clash out of this relation..
n then i myself being in a very bad sadness..
i dont know why..
do i care of him??
do i love him??
do i miss him??
im erroneous with myself..
shame of myself..
hope i will find some glow in my life..
that will bright out my life..
show the way on how should i manage with this problem...
enough for now i think..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

aku datin

yea...its me..
sometimes they called me datin..
im a friend to d-va...
datin vs d-va..
who will win???

here i am..
walking at the beach...
with my classmates..
we always go there on wednesday b4 some of us going back home..
me also...
beautiful place..
but that the only beach or venue that we can go there
without paying somethhing..

Monday, October 26, 2009

eating and story telling

now im eating pattaya fried rice in my classmates room..
hhmmmm... its very delicious...
there has been so long time i dont buy food from the restaurant as its was closed all days..
i went out with my beloved friends tasha and maisarah aka ustazah and diva..
as for now..
im online in tasha's room using 'bird' wireless connections...
thanks god because there is no interruption of connections..

this evening was a painful evening for me..
i dont why..
but that was all about the lecturer that taught english in my class..
she always hesitate us with her character..
i dont know why..
she always denied what my classmates said..
and i also denied by her...
the right answer become wrong..
and the wrong answer become right...
one situation that i cant forgot is
maisarag aka d-va..
madam : what is the feeling, situation in the story??/
d-va : frustrated
madam : no!! its wrong.. its not feeling!!
d-va : " questioning herself"-what the hell... now, i just know that frustrated is not feeling!!!... weird!!!"
arrggggghhhh... everybody tension with the lecturer..
enough for now...
gud night.. havea sweet dream...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

me myself.. nothing to say...

Assalamualaikum n very pleasure day to all readers...
my new habit..
what a damn funny..
as a girl that will become a woman in the future,
i'm changing from a people dat does not like cartoon and now!!
i'm requesting every people dat have kamen rider movie..
it's cartoon rite??hihi
i've had finished 31 series of kamen rider decade for two days..
its very interesting movie i think..
its all a bout a rider named decade or tsukasa-kun that has been travelled
to 9 worlds of riders...
actually he was also known as the destroyers of 9 worlds riders..
but he changed that fact by helped them in difficulties against enemies...
at the end, he still dont found his world and he travelled more to other worlds..
amazon world, world without rider, daiki world and so on..
but, at last, he had been killed by the 9 worlds riders because if decade exist, then 9 worlds riders will wiped out..

now going through today..
i got and already burned 26 series of kamen rider kabuto..hhihihi

im wondering y i became like this..
no one knows..
no one cares..
its truly absolutely good....

off now for a class..tattaa...

Monday, October 12, 2009


as for now, i'm eating pattaya fried rice..
it's very delicious
and now it is raining outside there..
very cold day...
thanks to God,,,
good broadband..
there has been a long time i dont post sth on my page because my broadband have some networking problem...
wanna join me eating??/
come on...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kesibukan masa

serabut giler........................

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