LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2nd week in ipgm ksm..

bnothing to say..
but i feel better to be here...
without what i want i cant get..
so its better i think...
now,im getting closer to my frenz...
especially in my unit..

today, at recess time, we were called to our senior classes n we needed to introduce ourselves to them...
although my heartbeat got rise but i am intro myself with good confident..
what a nerve side..hohoho

today, we didnt learn so much..
just one period in da moning with da ustaz..
n then rest at all time..
wasting time in computer lab...
thats is what i want..

i got a problem now..
just now, i want to transfer songs into my usb..
but my usb was cramp..
n now i cant use that...
what a pity n big problem to me...

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