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Friday, July 24, 2009

9 GrEaT QUeStIoNs AnSwErEd!!!!!...

1- in public toilet, is it better to use a paper towel or an electric hand dryer??
go for the hot air..
the energy needed to heat n blow air at your hands is far less than the energy needed to make transport paper towels n haul waste away..
one US study found dat nine fully grown trees are cut down to supply an average fast-food restaurant with paper towels over the year;
the tossed towel then create over 450 kilograms of landfill waste..
the hand dryer also more hygienic..
doctors at university of ottawa claim the hot air gets into more crevices in the skin,
killing off germs quicker...

2- should i do dirty dishes by hand or use a dishwasher??
this one's not crystal clear,since it all depends on
how u hand wash and on the model of dishwasher...
according to Tanya Ha, the author of Greeniology,
old-style washing,
using one sink for washing and another for rinsing,
consumes 16-20 litres of water..
"however, the amount increases considerably if you rinse dishes
under running tap water instead of using a filled sink or bucket."
Research by the British government's Market Transformation Programme last year
found that dishwahers get items cleaner and use about 75 per cent less water..
the key is having a modern model..
dishwashers built today use around 95 per cent less energy
than those built 30 years ago, says Ha.
Older models can use up to 90 litres of water a load;
modern two-drawer dishwashers use as little as nine litres..
to be even greener, stick to full loads and use the no-heat or air-dry option..

3- should i do my laundry in a front-leader or top-loading washing mashine??
front-loaders win,hands down..
top-loaders have faster cycles but they use much more water, energy, n detergent..
when u are buying a new machine,
look for the labels listing its energy and water ratings..
also choose a machine size that suits your household..
even if u're not planning on buying a new machine,
u can still make your current washer more friendly..
clean the filter, use the minimum amount of detergent,
stick to cold water and stick with full loads..

4- what should i eat for dinner tonight??
out of everything u do,
what u choose to eat has the biggest impact on the environment,
says Rebecca Blackburn, author of
Green Is Good: Smart Ways to Live Well and Help the Planet..
"Farming uses more resources than any other industry..
it also produces one fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions.."
in fact, one third of the average person's carbon footprint
is due to their intake of animal-based food,
which is far more than the impact of driving a car
of the energy used in our homes..
so should we turn vegetarian???
Blackburn says u'll surprised at how much u can help the environment
simply by reducing your red-meat intake even slightly..
in fact, eating three kilograms less red-meat each year is
equivalent to reducing household water use by half!!
Blackburn's handy tip: go for Meatless Monday...

5- is it correct that flicking fluoro lights on and off uses more energy??
actually no.. new data suggests frequent switching
doesn't shorten the life span of bulbs or waste energy..
compact fluorescent bulbs are basically energy-efficient versions of
the strip lighting we used to put in bathrooms..
manufacturer Osram is now selling a bulb that
it claims can be switched 500,000 times
- equivalent to 91 times per day over its 15-year life..

6- when it comes to grocery shopping, should i do a big shop
each month or fortnight, or should i shop every few days??
around the world, billions of dollars worth of food gets thrown out each year..
the United Nations Food Programme reports that
just five per cent of leftovers in the US alone
can feed four million people in Africa..
"it's not just money that's being wasted,
it's the resources that went into making the food," says Blackburn..
"Do an audit of the fridge before u go shopping and
figure out what's left behind,
what went off and why u didn't eat the food."
so by all means do a big monthly shop of durables and non-perishables,
but buy your fresh fruit and vegetables every couple of days
so they don't sit in the crisper unused..

7- are the new hybrid cars that much better than small, fuel-efficient, conventional cars??
hybrid cars are not the be-all and end-all..
"choose the smallest car that u can manage and
choose the most fuel-efficient car in the range," says Blackburn..
"u can make a big difference without buying a hybrid," she adds..
"if money's an issue, you'd be far better off spending the extra money on
a rain-water tank, solar hot water, insulation and
energy-efficient appliances."

8- what's best: curtains or venetian blinds??
when it comes to keeping your house insulated,
curtains win hands down..
Venetian blinds don't reduce heat transfer at all:
a close-fitting, lined, floor-length curtain with a pelmet
will reduce heat loss in winter by one third..
to keep the radiant heat out in summer,
install outdoor shutters, awnings or miniature louvres..
window films provide some protection from the sun
but are less effective than external blinds,
and they also don't protect against heat loss when it's cold..

9- when it comes to baby, what's best: disposable nappies or cloth nappies??
lets call this a draw..
several independent studies
- taking into account all the environmental factors
such as raw materials and energy usage,
emissions of air and water pollution,
and even waste management
- conclude that both have roughly the same environmental effect...
but the dollar cost is another equation..

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