LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Monday, November 23, 2009

my world inside my house together along with my comrades..

why i said comrades??
because we always toward the same path..
same entertainment..
same food..
same will..
everything just the same..

i have 2 younger brother n 5 younger sister..
which means..
i'm the first in my siblings..

i doesn't have the intention to create a new post..
the internet doesn't functioning well..
and the signal is very low...
i'm wondering..
when will i get good broadband connection..hee..~..
n then..
i might online all the time..
will it become true??
what a ridiculous thing i ever wondering..

continue with description of my family..
im the first.
just like what i'd mentioned just now..
currently study in
sultan mizan teacher's training institute
in kota putra, besut, terengganu..
taking science as my major course..
n malay language 1 with english 1 as my minor...
but i would prefer english as my major course..
but it just day-dreaming...
i cant step into it although just for a little moment...
just stick with what im doing now rite??
supposed it to be..

my 1st sister...
her name is nur ainun athirah binti rodin jaya...
currently study in
kuala terengganu mara junior science college..
the most person that i'd never can compete with..
my upsr result..
my pmr result..
is just the same with her..
but still i got a d's in my pmr..
creating a little barrier between us..
next year..
she will be taking spm..
im totally sure..
that she'll excel in the exam..
hope so..
n if so..
more barrier will be created between us..

the third in my siblings..
nor ahmad fitri..
currently study in my previous school..
jeram secondary school
pasir puteh, kelantan..
seems like he will excel too in his study..
why i'd say that...
he repeat the upsr result just like his sisters done..
that's why i'd said it..
he got a placed in faris petra science school..
but he doesn't want to go there..
may be there is something's hiding behing us..
hope he will get another chance after pmr result announce next year..
hope he will be a good n brave person in the future..
he scared of leech very much..
and also darkness..hahhaha
he never go to the toilet alone without anyone accompanied him.....

move to my second sister..
nur syafiqah izzati binti rodin jaya...
she just got 5a's in her upsr result..
the same result again..
thanks to god...
now applying to mara junior science college n also
boarding school...
just like what we, her sis n bro done before..

i think i just stop here..
thinking that i'd wrote lots today..
as a conclusion...
im really proud to have a really wonderful siblings in my life..
although we sometimes does not come with same words..
but it always tighten our bond..
just like the chemical bond between
hydrogen n oxygen that form water...
can't be cut..
always flow forever
no matter what or how..

will be continued...soon........

Monday, November 09, 2009


hai sume............
dah lame aku xupdate blog aku nie....
hari ini...
rase nak update plak..
kebetulan wireless baru ok..alhamdulillah........

bermulanya cerita begini...
2 hingga 3 hari lps........
aku n d-va n mem-beso bosan..
lalu menibukkan diri untuk ber make-up..
d-va nak bukak salon nnt start keje n
dlm cuti sem nie..
semoga berjaya d-va saerah..hahhaha

nak dimulakan cerita..
berjam-jam lamanya berlalu..
dengan draw erase eye liner..
dva sudah mula fed up..
pedih tepi mata aku saampai mrh jdnya sbb
kna genyeh dgn tisu..
d-va punya psalla nie...
cam senget je..


sila bg komen anda nnt di ruangan yang disediakan yea...

adakah lawa tau sebaliknya???

mata yang paling penting..
nie mata i yang asli..coklat tua...hehe
rasa mcm masuk opera cina jea...
tarian jawa pun mcm ni gak kew??/

bakat d-va mmg terserlah..
syabas buat d-va saerah..
semoga bahagia...hihihi

ps: jgn makan megi banyak sgt wahai d-va terchenta...
nnt rosak sel dlm bdn bak kate
cikgu sains..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yesterday and today

today and yesterday is a very sad day for me..
everyday of my life's activity is just quarreling with my hubby..
n yesterday again i'm quarreling with him..
i request for a stop for moment of our life from him..
i dont know why..
there are always problems in our relation...
im just stuck out of everything..
i cant think nothing....
cant be solved.
im really really frustrated...
with everything happened in my life...

and today...
i cried in the class because of him..
i know..
that was my fault requesting for a clash out of this relation..
n then i myself being in a very bad sadness..
i dont know why..
do i care of him??
do i love him??
do i miss him??
im erroneous with myself..
shame of myself..
hope i will find some glow in my life..
that will bright out my life..
show the way on how should i manage with this problem...
enough for now i think..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

aku datin

yea...its me..
sometimes they called me datin..
im a friend to d-va...
datin vs d-va..
who will win???

here i am..
walking at the beach...
with my classmates..
we always go there on wednesday b4 some of us going back home..
me also...
beautiful place..
but that the only beach or venue that we can go there
without paying somethhing..

Monday, October 26, 2009

eating and story telling

now im eating pattaya fried rice in my classmates room..
hhmmmm... its very delicious...
there has been so long time i dont buy food from the restaurant as its was closed all days..
i went out with my beloved friends tasha and maisarah aka ustazah and diva..
as for now..
im online in tasha's room using 'bird' wireless connections...
thanks god because there is no interruption of connections..

this evening was a painful evening for me..
i dont why..
but that was all about the lecturer that taught english in my class..
she always hesitate us with her character..
i dont know why..
she always denied what my classmates said..
and i also denied by her...
the right answer become wrong..
and the wrong answer become right...
one situation that i cant forgot is
maisarag aka d-va..
madam : what is the feeling, situation in the story??/
d-va : frustrated
madam : no!! its wrong.. its not feeling!!
d-va : " questioning herself"-what the hell... now, i just know that frustrated is not feeling!!!... weird!!!"
arrggggghhhh... everybody tension with the lecturer..
enough for now...
gud night.. havea sweet dream...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

me myself.. nothing to say...

Assalamualaikum n very pleasure day to all readers...
my new habit..
what a damn funny..
as a girl that will become a woman in the future,
i'm changing from a people dat does not like cartoon and now!!
i'm requesting every people dat have kamen rider movie..
it's cartoon rite??hihi
i've had finished 31 series of kamen rider decade for two days..
its very interesting movie i think..
its all a bout a rider named decade or tsukasa-kun that has been travelled
to 9 worlds of riders...
actually he was also known as the destroyers of 9 worlds riders..
but he changed that fact by helped them in difficulties against enemies...
at the end, he still dont found his world and he travelled more to other worlds..
amazon world, world without rider, daiki world and so on..
but, at last, he had been killed by the 9 worlds riders because if decade exist, then 9 worlds riders will wiped out..

now going through today..
i got and already burned 26 series of kamen rider kabuto..hhihihi

im wondering y i became like this..
no one knows..
no one cares..
its truly absolutely good....

off now for a class..tattaa...

Monday, October 12, 2009


as for now, i'm eating pattaya fried rice..
it's very delicious
and now it is raining outside there..
very cold day...
thanks to God,,,
good broadband..
there has been a long time i dont post sth on my page because my broadband have some networking problem...
wanna join me eating??/
come on...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kesibukan masa

serabut giler........................

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tension aku rase...
Assignmnet banyak sgt...
mane x tension..
malam nie aku pecah rekod...
xtdo sbb buat assignment...
skang kul 5.50 pg..
cepat giler mase berlalu...
ya tuhan...tolongla hambamu ini...
ada 9 assignment kna anta ari nie..
tp yg aku siap satu je...
yg lain sume xsiap.....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


xtahula nape..
printer tibe2 xjd dakwat kaler..
terus xleh gune dua2..
wane hitam pown xleh gak..
bangang tol r aku rase...
mcm bongok giler jew....
dahla assignment kna anta esok lusa...
patutnya anta ari isnin ari tue...
tp tetibe xjd plak..
sakit ati betoi aku rase....

assignmnet lak banyak giler tahap maharaja....
dah de masalh dye bikin masalah plak..

elaun masuk pown xhepy gak..
itu kna byar blazer maa...
xhepy jer rase rayer taon nie...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh ketua pengawas....

"Ina ko tugas mane minggu ni?" tanya Alia.Mereka berdua merupakan pengawas tingkatan 4 di salah sebuah sekolah di Slim River,Perak.
"Hmm..tah la.Rasanya jaga belakang blok.Aku tak tengok lagi jadual.Ko da tengok ke?"tanya Ina kembali.
"Aku baru je tengok tadi.Aku kena jaga kantin la.Gila tak best tol.Da la situ budak-budak perangai cam kambing suka lepak.Memang kambing tol.Da habis rehat susah tol nak blah masuk kelas walaupun da kena halau"rungut Alia.

"Ha ha ha.Diorang kan kambing.mana nak faham.Eh2 suka hati je kita ni mengutuk orang kan.haish2"kata Ina sambil menepuk-nepuk mulutnya.Kambing yang dimaksudkan mereka adalah pelajar-pelajar yang susah hendak mendengar kata walaupun sudah berulang kali ditegur.

"Sekali sekala takpe kannn.Eh2 tu ketua pengawas kesayangan ko kan?fuyoo hensemnya.tergoda I.Ko minat dia kan Ina? Takpe-takpe aku takkan rampasnya.Aku suke tengok muka dier.Cam chinese skit-skit.Mata dier sepet and ade lesung pipit bile senyum.Comelnya.Ehem2 Ina.hahah"usik Alia.Ina sudah kemerah-merahan mukanya.Memang sejak tingkatan 1 lagi Ina sudah meminati ketua pengawasnya itu.

"Wei da-da la 2.Tengok tu.Blue hippo datang.Kang tak pasal-pasal kena marah.Ko la ni ajak aku sembang lagi.Tengok da kul 7.25.Eh2 sebelum tu teman aku tengok jadual tugas dulu"kata Ina sambil menarik tangan kawan baiknya,Alia.


Sesi persekolahan berjalan seperti biasa.Seperti dijangka Ina bertugas di belakang blok D bersama-sama dengan seorang pengawas f5.Kadang kala apabila ketua pengawas meronda kawasan itu jantung Ina pastu berdegup kencang.Alia pula tidak habis-habis memerlinya.Pada suatu hari ketika berada di dalam kelas Ina dikejutkan dengan kehadiran sepucuk surat di celah buku Matematik Tambahannya.Dia memandang sekeling dan kembali menatap suratnya itu.Selesai membacanya dia melipat surat itu dan menyimpannya di dalam beg sekolahnya.Sungguh nak muntah membacanya.Uwekk!.Ayat jiwang karat seh!.Entah siapa la yang memberinya surat itu.Ayat cam hampeh je.Jiwang betul.Ina memandang Alia disebelahnya yang sedang tidur nyenyak.

'Ewah! sedapnya ko tidur.Mentang-mentang takde cikgu.Nanti ko!'hati Ina berbisik nakal.Perlahan-lahan Ina menepuk bahu Alia dan berbisik

"Oii cikgu masuk la.Selamat pagi cikgu" Alia yang terkejut terus bangun dan menjerit dengan kuatnya "Selamat Pagi Cikgu".Kelas yang hingar-bingar itu terus terdiam.Kalau ada orang kentut pun pasti semua akan mati di situ juga.Semuanya memandang ke arah Alia.Alia memandang sekeliling dan tersengih-sengih.Dia duduk kembali di tempatnya.Mata Alia tajam memandang ke arah Ina yang tergelak-gelak tak hengat dunia."Amboii anak dara.Nak gelak tu tak yah la over sangat.Tu ketua pengawas ko depan pintu.abis la dier tengok ko gelak.jatuh saham."terus terdiam Ina mendengar ayat Alia itu.Matanya terus memandang ke pintu dan mencari-cari ketua pengawasnya itu.Dia memandang semula ke arah Alia yang sudah tergelak.Cis! 1-1.


Peperiksaan pertengahan tahun sudah sebulan berlalu.Result yang diterima juga amatlah membanggakan.Kini pelajar-pelajar tingkatan 3 dan 5 sudah mula sibuk untuk pergi 'berperang' dengan En PMR dan En SPM.Pelbagai strategi mula dirancang oleh mereka.Namun bagi Ina dia sudah berjaya mengalahkan En PMR tahun lepas dan hanya menunggu untuk berlawan dengan En SPM pada tahun hadapan.Sedang Ina sibuk mengulangkaji pelajaran di belakang blok D ketika sedang bertugas,ketua pengawas sekola mereka lalu.Ketika itu hanya Ina sahaja di belakang blok itu.Blok D tidaklah tersorak.Blok itu terletak berdekatan dengan kantin dan dewan jadi tidaklah Ina terlalu takut menjaga di kawasan itu kerana jika terjadi apa-apa sudah tentu ramai yang melihat.Eh apa merepek tiba-tiba ni? masuk balik cite tadi.Ketua pengawas itu mengatur langkah ke arah Ina dan terus dengan selamba beruknya duduk di sebelah Ina.Ina yang perasa ada orang duduk di sebelahnya hanya membuat muka selamba beruk sahaja.Ah! buat pe sibuk nak tengok.tempat awam.sape-sape pun dipersilakan duduk.

Tiba-tiba pembacaan Ina terganggu apabila orang disebelahnya berdehem.'Aphal lak ni?Sakit tekak ke ape? Jangan la H1N1.kang jangkit kat aku lak.habis la.Oii! kalo sakit tekak pegi la makan strepsils jangan la kaco aku study ni'hati Ina merungut.

"Nur Qistina Alesya?"aik? cam kenal je name bukan name aku ke tu?jap2 tengok IC jap.Ina mengeluarkan ICnya dan melihat namanya di IC itu.Nur Qistina Alesya binti Azam Luqman.Eh betul la tu nama aku.Ina menyimpan kembali ICnya dan memandang ke sebelah kanannya.What the..? Ketua Pengawas? Muhammad Zakri Fikri? Oh la la.Dan Ina tiba-tiba melihat semuanya gelap dan dia sudah tidak ingat apa-apa.

Ina perlahan-lahan membuka matanya.Dia memandang ke sekeliling.Mana aku ni? Kat syurga da ke? Alhamdulillah.Eh sape kat sebelah aku ni? cam kenal je.Ina membesarkan lagi matanya.Dia memfokuskan ke arah lelaki yang berada disebelahnya itu.Oh la la.Zakri la.Ape dier buat kat sini? Dia pun masuk syurga gak ke?Ina berdehem perlahan-lahan.Zakri mengangkat muka dan memandang ke arah Ina.Dia tersenyum

"Awak da sedar?Syukur la.Risau saya awak tiba-tiba pengsan kat sekolah tadi.Kelam kabut gak saya panggil cikgu and bawak awak kat hospital ni.Doktor cakap awak ok cuma tekanan darah awak je rendah.Tu la lain kali jaga kesihatan.Study2 juga tapi kesihatan tu penting."bebel Zakri.Haish mamat ni..tau la anak doktor tak yah la nak membebel-bebel mengalahkan mak cik tiri sebelah rumah arwah atuk aku je.

"Hospital?Bukan saya kat syurga ke sekarang?"tanya Ina spontan.Zakri mengerutkan dahinya.Syurga? minah ni betul ke tak?

"Apssal tiba-tiba syurga lak ni.Awak kat hospital la"kata Zakri

"Ouh yeke? saya mane? Alia?"tanya Ina.Haish musykil aku.Aphal mamat ni je ade kat sini.Papa ngan Mama pegi mana lak? Abang long.Angah semua mana?

"Diorang otw.Saya baru je call.Tadi tak sempat call"


"Awak..saya sebenarnya ade mende nak cakap dengan awak ni"kata Zakri teragak-agak.Aphal la mamat ni? nak cakap pun teragak-agak ke?

"Hmm..ape dia? cakap je la"

"Err2...suki desu" uitt..pehal bahasa jepun la mamat ni merepek? da la aq ni failed bahasa jepun.setakat tau artis dier je la.


"I like and love you" ulang Zakri dengan muka yang kemerah-merahan.Ceh! straight forwardnya mamat ni.Takde kias-kiasan lagi da.nak je aku balas.I like and love u too.ha ha ha

"Zakri,I'm sorry.Kita masih muda.Mungkin perasaan awak tu hanya cinta monyet semata-mata.Kalau awak betul-betul cintakan saya,awak hantar la rombongan meminang 10 tahun akan datang"muka Zakri kelihatan hampa tetapi dia masih tersenyum.Tidak lama kemudian dia meminta diri setelah family terchentaku datang.'Oh mama..saya mau kawin..kawin dengan siapa...dengan muhammad zakri fikri'.gatai!


Sudah 10 tahun berlalu.Kini aku telah menjawat jawatan sebagai setiausaha di salah sebuah syarikat swasta.Pada suatu hari,aku dikejutkan dengan panggilan telefon daripada..? Boyfriend? Tunang ? Suami ? Ex-boyfriend ? semuanya bukan.Sudah tentulah daripada mama terchentaku.Mesti dia rindu akan anaknya yang comel lote ni.opss terlebih sudaa..eh2 bukan tengah cakap telefon dengan mama ke? sebentar ya.

"Assalamualaikum.mama ke ni? ada apa call? hah shh2..Qis tau..mama rindukan Qis kan? ye la hujung minggu ni Qis balik jangan risau ye mama." sebelum mama sempat berkata apa-apa aku sudah melancarkan peluru mulutku ini.suka hati je.

"Waalaikumussalam.mama la ni.saje call.tak rindu pun.sapa nak rindu kat budak tak comel tu" usik mama

"Waa!! mama tak rindu kat Qis la..huhu sedihnya.tak mo kawan.Qis nak mengadu kat Papa la camni"

"Mengadu la mama tak kesah pun"ciss! mama sudah semakin kejam.

"Ni hah mama call ni nak bagitau.Aritu kawan papa kamu datang meminang untuk anaknya name Ari.Handsome budaknya.Nasib baik la mama ni ade papa kamu kalo tak memang mama amik la budak 2.Da la hensem.pandai lak 2.doktor katanya.Budi bahasanya,pandai tol menghormati orang tua.Kalo berborak dengan dia memang tak kering gusi la.Agama pun ok.Kira semuanya menepati citarasa la.and FYI mama ngan papa da terima pinangan mereka tu.hehe.jangan marahh sayang.bye.assalamualaikum."kata mama cepat-cepat mematikan talian sebelum jeritan anaknya memecahkan gegendang telingaya.Seperti yang dijangka.."MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" bergema satu pejabat sehingga kertas-kertas di atas meja pun berterbangan jatuh.Seisi pejabat memandang ke arah Ina.Ina hanya mampu tersengih dan mengangkat dua jarinya tanda 'Peace'.


Akad nikah dijalankan seperti yang dirancang iaitu pada tarikh 17.7.2017.Tarikh kawin pula pada 22.7.2017.Sememangnya 7 merupakan nombor faveret Ina.Tah la.Tiba-tiba je suka.tak tau napa.Ina tidak dapat membantah perkahwinan tersebut kerana awal-awal lagi papa dan mamanya buat tidak tahu apabila dia membantah.Di rumahnya juga,apabila dia sampai di muka pintu untuk membantah sudah tertera sebesar-besar gajah papan tanda berbunyi 'Sebarang bantahan tidak akan dilayan'.Uwaa!! sedihnya.Abang long ngan Angah juga buat tidak tahu sahaja.Alia juga seperti turut berkomplot.Terpaksa la Ina mengikut.Segala jenis mogok yang dilakukannya tidak dilayan oleh ahli keluarganya.

"Qis dok elok-elok.Suami kamu nak masuk kejap lagi tu"mama menegur.Aku sudah selamat menjadi isteri kepada lelaki yang tidak ku kenali.Yang ku tahu namanya ialah Ari.Itu saja.Seorang lelaki masuk ke bilikku dan duduk di hadapan ku.Dia menyarungkan cincin di jariku dan aku menyalaminya.Apabila dia hendak mencium dahiku,aku memusingkan muka dan dia hanya dapat mencium pipiku sahaja.Kamera cepat saja menangkap adegan itu.Aku memandang ke arah mama dan membuat tanda 'peace' dalam diam.Selepas acara membatalkan air sembahyang,aku memandang ke arah suamiku itu.Yela tadi tak pandang lagi coz malu.

Dan pabila aku mengangkat muka memandang wajah suamiku..aku terus pengsan.sebab? Suami ku alien? Suami ku tak hensem? suami ku gemuk? suami ku muka macam kambing belakang rumah opah aku? Tidak! Tidak ! Tidak! Semua salah.Sebab...


Aku memandang ke arah anakku yang mengayuh basikal beroda tiganya itu.Sungguh comel sekali anakku itu.Ehem! tengok la sape mak dia kan? opss terlebih sudaa.Anakku yang berusia 4 tahun itu sungguh nakal dan lincah sekali bermain.Penat betul melayan kerenahnya.Macam manalah agaknya kalau adik dia ni lahir ek?.Aku mengusap perlahan perutku yang semakin memboyot ini.Bukan buncit sebab makan banyak tetapi sebab aku akan melahirkan cahaya mata lagi 4 bulan.Tiba-tiba seseorang mencium pipiku.Aku mendongak dan tersenyum.

"Hai sayang.Baby sihat?"tanya suamiku a.k.a Muhammad Zakri Fikri.Diulangi MUHAMMAD ZAKRI FIKRI.Ulang lagi? cukup la tu.kang glamer la dier.

"Hai dear.Baby sihat la kot.dari tadi menendang-nendang je."

"Aktifnya anak papa.Qairi Fitri meh kat papa.Da maghrib ni jom masuk."kata suamiku mengarahkan anakku masuk.Aku bangun perlahan-lahan apabila azan maghrib berkumandang.Suamiku memimpin anakku masuk ke dalam rumah.Sampai dimuka pintu,aku berbisik ke telinga suamiku..

"I love u dear.Thanks sebab sudi tunggu sampai 10 tahun.I love u so much" Sejak berkahwin aku sudah semakin jiwang.

"I love u too sayang.1000 tahun pun I sanggup tunggu.You know why? Because you are my princess and I love you so much since we in high school dear." ucap suamiku.Aku tersenyum dan terharu lalu mengucup pipi suamiku itu.Suamiku hanya tersenyum dan kami saling berpandangan.

"Mama!! Papa!! Tak elok la berasmarada depan pintu tu.Kan da maghrib ni" kata anakku nakal.Walaupun baru berusia 4 tahun,dia sudah pandai berkata-kata tanpa ada pelat langusung.Aku tak sangka..akhirnya dapat aku dan dia bersama.Oh ya lupa..Alia juga sudah selamat mendirikan rumah tangga dengan jejaka pilihannya.Mereka bahagia bersama 3 orang anak.Happy ending.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ni adalah benar... sila baca sehingga habis...dan tlg sebarkan kepada seberapa byk org Islam yg boleh... Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh ini adalah surat wasiat dari penjaga makam Nabi Muhammad SAW iaitu Sheikh Ahmad Maeine (Saudi Arabia). pada suatu malam ketika membaca Al-Quran di makam Rasulullah SAW selepas membaca lalu hamba tertidur, dalam tidur hamba bermimpi didatangi Rasulullah SAW lalu bersabda kepada hamba, dalam 60 000 orang yang meninggal dunia di zaman ini tiada seorang pun yang matinya dalam keadaan beriman. (a)isteri tidak mendengar kata suami. (b)orang kaya tidak lagi bertimbang rasa. (c)orang tidak lagi berzakat dan tidak membuat kebajikan. Oleh itu wahai Sheikh Ahmad, hendaklah kamu menyedarkan kepada orang Islam ini supaya membuat kebajikan,kerana hari penghabisan(Qiamat) akan tiba di mana bintang akan terbit dari langit, sesudah itu matahari akan turun di atas kepala. PESANAN HAMBA INI (a) berselawat - untuk junjungan Nabi kita Muhammad SAW. (b) bertaubatlah - dengan segera sementara Pintu Taubat masih terbuka. (c) Bersembahyanglah (d) berzakat - jangan ditinggalkan. (e) Menunaikan Fardhu haji - bila berkemampuan. (f) Jangan menderhaka kepada kedua ibu bapa. UNTUK MAKLUMAN 1. seorang saudagar dari bombay telah menerima surat ini dan beliau telah mencatak sebanyak 20 salinan dan mengirimkan kepada orang lain, dia kemudiannya dianugerahi Allah dengan mendapat keuntungan yang besar dalam perniagaannya. 2. seorang hamba Allah telah menerima surat ini tetapi tidak mengendahkannya dan menganggap wasiat ini palsu, maka selang beberapa hari kemudian anaknya meninggal dunia. 3. Pada tahun 1977 Tun Dato Mustapha bekas Ketua Menteri Sabah menerima wasiat ini kemudian mengarahkan setiausahanya mencetak sebanyak 20 salinan dan menghantarnya kepada orang lain, maka selang beberapa hari kemudian dia telah mendapat hadiah dari kebajikan masyarakat di malaysia timur. 4. tan sri ghazali jawi, bekas menteri besar perak secara tidak langsung dipecat dari jawatannya kerana apabila beliau menerima wasiat ini beliau terlupa mencetak 20 salinan untuk disebarkan kepada orang lain tetapi beliau telah menyedari kesilapannya lalu beliau mencetak semula wasiat ini dan mengirimkannya kepada orang lain, beberapa hari kemudian beliau telah dilantik menteri Kabinet Perdana Menteri. 5. Zulfikar Ali Bhuno telah menerima surat wasiat ini dan tidak percaya akan kebenarannya juga menganggap palsu lalu membuangnya ke dalam tong sampah seminggu kemudian beliau telah dijatuhkan hukuman pancung sampai mati. 6. di Terengganu, seorang pekerja bengkel kenderaan telah menerima wasiat ini dari pengirim yang tidak dikenali yang datangnya dari Perak lalu beliau membuat sebanyak 20 salinan seperti yang dituntut. Alhamdulillah dia dianugerahkan oleh Allah seorang gadis berakhlak mulia seperti yang dituntut oleh Islam. baginya anugerah ini paling agung dan tidak ada tandingannya. 7. Di Terengganu juga, seorang hamba Allah telah menerima surat ini dari orang yang tidak dikenali tetapi beliau tidak mengendahkannya dengan mengatakan ianya bohong belaka dan sengaja mengada-adakan untuk menakutkan orang yang membacanya. Beberapa hari kemudian dia telah mendapat penyakit ganjil dan penderitaanya amat menyedihkan. setelah tiga minggu mendapat rawatan rapi di hospital, penyatkitnya sukar juga diubati oleh doktor. Akhirnya beliau teringat akan wasiat ini dan mengedarkannya kepada orang lain. Semingu kemudian barulah beliau beransur sembuh sehingga sekarang. Banyak lagi contoh-contoh orang yang menerima wasiat ini tetapi tidak mempercayainya dan tidak mengedarkannya atau menyampaikan kepada orang lain. dimana mereka mendapat malapetaka. setelah kejadian yang menggembirakan dan menyakinkan ini anda jangan lupa menyampaikan 20 salinan wasiat dalam masa 96 jam dari masa anda menerimanya....

Friday, August 14, 2009

MY RoOmM...

alkisah inilah bilik aku...
sebaik-baik sei bina di ipgm nie..

inilah katil bujang aku...
kemas x....
yang penting..

kat bawah ni plak..
meja study aku...
banyak kan buku..
tp xtau bile aku gune..
ish ish ish...

bawah tue gambar board depan meja aku..
kat cniela..
aku tampal ape yang aku nakk...
ada jadual...
ada lirik lagu..
koleksi akan ditambah nanti...

nilaaaaa jadual kelas aku..
nampak free tapi packed...
tension aku...
koje melambak xsiap ag...

ni adalah salah satu teks book yg aku amat perlukan..
ni kawan aku nyer...
aku nyer lom sampai ag..
da dkt sebulan tempah xsampai-sampai ag...
haru betol...

ni lah yang aku cakap buku je melambak....
kamus je dah tiga...
dalam laptop ada ag kamus...
tp jarang ngat guna...
bukan tere pown...

sebelah deretan buku tue...
gambar aku, adik aku...
n kawan aku...
gamba tu mase malam gemala puteri..
ada gaya datin x...
belum make up lg tue...

ni gamba dekstop laptop aku..
da xde koje...hahaahahaa...

setakat itu sajer citer aku sal bilik aku..
gamba loker aku lain kali la aku citer...

Hari INI dan SebElUmNyA...

Hari nie mmmg sdh gler tahap dewa maharaja...
diz is the first weekend im having in ipgm kampus sultan mizan...
we're quarantine in diz campus because of H1N1..
really really big problem uh....
i hate that..

yesterday my father n three sister come here..
gave me my baju kurung's collections..
what a lazy..
i need to wash all my clothes..
and i can't stand with the coldness by the wind that blowing here...
so, how i want to playing with water n washing my clothes...
very tired day..

going out of my room n wanna go somewhere is a very nightmare for me..
H1N1 victim are increases...
every news paper concerned about it...
n here...
everyone wearing mask as one of da precaution from H1N1..
i dont have any mask to b ear..
where i could find one for me..
at last, my father's friend brought it n i have one..
but it is very uncomfort wearing it...
students suspected are increases..
hope they can survive..
i love my friends...
H1N1 is a vaxation for us..
we cant go out from here..
n we cant do whateva we want freely because of the anxiety...

difficulties in buying food here...
are very big prob we having here..
yea...y i said that..
coz... it is not delicious but da price is quite high...
its unfair for us..
we want or we wont..
but still we have to buy it..
bcoz of hungry....
and we cant buy food outside front to our campus...

spending time for the whole day in my room...
what a boring day..
wanna go home..
doing assignments...
talk about the assignments..
i have lots to do with it...
and other subjects..
whether we need to submit it after holiday or next week..
short and long..
at the same time..
hope i can finish it..
including teh presentation..
poem that i need to memorize..
and others...
really make me crazy and out of my mind...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MY cLaSs ClAsSy....

alkisah inilah tentang kami kelas sains ppismp ambilan julai 09
kelas yang dulunya skema skarang dah jd pasar borong kuala besut..
hahahaha tetapi masih dipenuhi dgn daya pemikiran yg geliga tahap dewa...
dgn formula-formula physic yg agak complicated..
dgn fakta-fakta bio yg padat...
serta equation-equation kimia yg banyak...

sebahagian dari kami.....

ketua unit kelas sains kursus ppismp ambilan julai 09...

cikgu tasya.. tunjuk ape tue....

profesor eye-nie...

cikgu zora, cikgu aida, cikgu nida n cikgu ummul..

penggunaan teknologi maklumat dlm membuat assignment..

akula nie....
blakng tue ummul n nida tgh bergosip kot...

syuhadah pelajar baru msk..
saerah... plg gempaq dlm kelas...
semoga cepat sembuh...
rindu kau...
doakn untuknya...

main tongkat tu cikgu asyraf pljar baru masuk kelmarin...
tepi tu cikgu sahdan... antra yg terhensem sains sem 1 nie..hahahaha
tepi tu cikgu naqiuddin... garu leher awaitnye tue..
nampak muka separuh tue cikgu hanif... bakal guru besar yg bergaya...
cikgu tasye disebelah ku..

penambahan watak... cigu arif nakal membuat tanduk untuk cikgu tasya..

di cela2 ku n cikgu tasya, tu dye cikgu izzul...

di tepe sebelah kanan cikgu izzul, tu dye cikgu aiman...
sebelah kiri plak, cikgu zul lawyer n murai..hahahhaha
akhir skali..
cikgu penolong ketua unit yg terhormat sdg bagi breafing...
cikgu zora...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hari InI...

hari nie aku bangun kena marah..
pasal laptop lembap cam siput...
xpasal2 kan..

kul 7 aku main game..
game masak2...

kul 9...
went to bathroom n take a bath...

kul 9.30..
pakai baju kbaya baru....

kul 10.00
went to the town...
finding some reference books for my study...
bought labuci...
bought pisang goreng yg lembik mcm makanan bayi daa...
bought some auk for lunch...

kul 12.00
reached home..
continued with cooking game..hoho

kul 2.00
checkhed any forms of comments in my fs, ms, fb, tagged dll..

ribut taufan melanda kampungku......

kul 7.00
game lg..

baru sdh mandi...
nak solat r nie...
update mailbox my daddy dulu..hehehehe

kul 9.00
dinner kowt...
agaknya la...

kul 10/11...
titow kowt..hikhikhik...

p/s: hajat malam nie nak balut reference books tue..
n nak study sket2....

Monday, July 27, 2009

SeMaLaM dAn HaRi iNi....

semua pelajar sila ke Dewan Bendahara untuk pemeriksaan H1N1...

kul 2.30,aku n yg lain2 pown p la..
sesape yg berkenaan iaitu yg ada sakit,
diberi keutamaan utk pemeriksaan...
selepas check2 tue sume..
aku sakit biase aje..
syukur Alhamdulillah...

mlm td..
nak kul 12 malam gitula...
perhatian kpd sume pelajar,
kampus kita telah dikuarantinkan untuk virus influenza A..
semua yg ada dlm institut xboleh keluar...
sila berkumpul di Dewan Bendahara pd pukul 8.30 pg untuk taklimat...

ari nie...
start la kelas dgn bi..
pastu p dewan...
tungu punya tunggu..
9 lbih baru pengarah institut berucap...

semua warga institut diarahkan meningalkan kawasan institut pd hari ini
dan diminta pulang kembali ke institut pada 2 hb ogos,ari ahad...
seminggu seyh cutie...
balik r..
ape ag...hohoho

Friday, July 24, 2009

9 GrEaT QUeStIoNs AnSwErEd!!!!!...

1- in public toilet, is it better to use a paper towel or an electric hand dryer??
go for the hot air..
the energy needed to heat n blow air at your hands is far less than the energy needed to make transport paper towels n haul waste away..
one US study found dat nine fully grown trees are cut down to supply an average fast-food restaurant with paper towels over the year;
the tossed towel then create over 450 kilograms of landfill waste..
the hand dryer also more hygienic..
doctors at university of ottawa claim the hot air gets into more crevices in the skin,
killing off germs quicker...

2- should i do dirty dishes by hand or use a dishwasher??
this one's not crystal clear,since it all depends on
how u hand wash and on the model of dishwasher...
according to Tanya Ha, the author of Greeniology,
old-style washing,
using one sink for washing and another for rinsing,
consumes 16-20 litres of water..
"however, the amount increases considerably if you rinse dishes
under running tap water instead of using a filled sink or bucket."
Research by the British government's Market Transformation Programme last year
found that dishwahers get items cleaner and use about 75 per cent less water..
the key is having a modern model..
dishwashers built today use around 95 per cent less energy
than those built 30 years ago, says Ha.
Older models can use up to 90 litres of water a load;
modern two-drawer dishwashers use as little as nine litres..
to be even greener, stick to full loads and use the no-heat or air-dry option..

3- should i do my laundry in a front-leader or top-loading washing mashine??
front-loaders win,hands down..
top-loaders have faster cycles but they use much more water, energy, n detergent..
when u are buying a new machine,
look for the labels listing its energy and water ratings..
also choose a machine size that suits your household..
even if u're not planning on buying a new machine,
u can still make your current washer more friendly..
clean the filter, use the minimum amount of detergent,
stick to cold water and stick with full loads..

4- what should i eat for dinner tonight??
out of everything u do,
what u choose to eat has the biggest impact on the environment,
says Rebecca Blackburn, author of
Green Is Good: Smart Ways to Live Well and Help the Planet..
"Farming uses more resources than any other industry..
it also produces one fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions.."
in fact, one third of the average person's carbon footprint
is due to their intake of animal-based food,
which is far more than the impact of driving a car
of the energy used in our homes..
so should we turn vegetarian???
Blackburn says u'll surprised at how much u can help the environment
simply by reducing your red-meat intake even slightly..
in fact, eating three kilograms less red-meat each year is
equivalent to reducing household water use by half!!
Blackburn's handy tip: go for Meatless Monday...

5- is it correct that flicking fluoro lights on and off uses more energy??
actually no.. new data suggests frequent switching
doesn't shorten the life span of bulbs or waste energy..
compact fluorescent bulbs are basically energy-efficient versions of
the strip lighting we used to put in bathrooms..
manufacturer Osram is now selling a bulb that
it claims can be switched 500,000 times
- equivalent to 91 times per day over its 15-year life..

6- when it comes to grocery shopping, should i do a big shop
each month or fortnight, or should i shop every few days??
around the world, billions of dollars worth of food gets thrown out each year..
the United Nations Food Programme reports that
just five per cent of leftovers in the US alone
can feed four million people in Africa..
"it's not just money that's being wasted,
it's the resources that went into making the food," says Blackburn..
"Do an audit of the fridge before u go shopping and
figure out what's left behind,
what went off and why u didn't eat the food."
so by all means do a big monthly shop of durables and non-perishables,
but buy your fresh fruit and vegetables every couple of days
so they don't sit in the crisper unused..

7- are the new hybrid cars that much better than small, fuel-efficient, conventional cars??
hybrid cars are not the be-all and end-all..
"choose the smallest car that u can manage and
choose the most fuel-efficient car in the range," says Blackburn..
"u can make a big difference without buying a hybrid," she adds..
"if money's an issue, you'd be far better off spending the extra money on
a rain-water tank, solar hot water, insulation and
energy-efficient appliances."

8- what's best: curtains or venetian blinds??
when it comes to keeping your house insulated,
curtains win hands down..
Venetian blinds don't reduce heat transfer at all:
a close-fitting, lined, floor-length curtain with a pelmet
will reduce heat loss in winter by one third..
to keep the radiant heat out in summer,
install outdoor shutters, awnings or miniature louvres..
window films provide some protection from the sun
but are less effective than external blinds,
and they also don't protect against heat loss when it's cold..

9- when it comes to baby, what's best: disposable nappies or cloth nappies??
lets call this a draw..
several independent studies
- taking into account all the environmental factors
such as raw materials and energy usage,
emissions of air and water pollution,
and even waste management
- conclude that both have roughly the same environmental effect...
but the dollar cost is another equation..

WoRlD Of BlUe...

i really like blue colour...
i dont know y..hahaa
almost all of my things would be in blue colour..
my pail, my pillow, my clothes, my mirror, my heater, my iron......
my brooch, my almost everythings..
what a ridiculous.....
in what i do,
the first thing i must find it in blue colour...
for example...
the pictures below...

da colour bring me tranquility...

people said dat person dat love blue colour are loyal to their pairs..
i hope so,,,hoho...

person with blue colour also must suit themselves with red colour...

blue n red..
a good combination i think...

KeNaLi LeLaKi hIpOkRiT....

1- pentingkan diri-sendiri : tdk langsung mengendahkan situasi dan keadaan kamu..

2- mendesak : ikut kehendak dan keinginan dirinya termasuklah perkara yg xmasuk akal tanpa mempedulikan perasaan kamu..

3- meminta-minta : menjadikan kamu sbg lombong emasnya..

4- mengungkit : seolah-olah dia sahaja yang banyak berkorban untuk cintamu..

5- iri hati : mencemburui kelebihanmu

6- balasan : tidak ikhlas selama dalam perhubungan kerana mengharap ganjaran..

7- putar belit : lembut gigi dari lidah.. lain yang dikata lain pula yang dilaksanakan..

8- tidak tepati janji : bukan sekadar janji.. malah masa juga sering xditepati..

9- berat tulang : pemalas, tidur siang n pd malam hari suka berseronok..

10- tak sanggup susah : bila senang kitalah segalanya, bila kita susah, dia entah kemana..

StRaWbEri dAn KeCaNtIkAn...

Strawberi tergolong dln keluarga Rosaceae,
umumnya estrak strawberi merupakan bahan yg plg popular utk merawat kecantikan..
bahkan, wanita Perancis juga gemar melulur badan mereka dgn strawberi yg dihancurkan ketika mandi..
hasilnya kulit menjadi segar bercahaya..
di abad ke-13, akar, daun, dan buah strawberi mulai popular digunakan utk pengubatan tradisional..
buah strawberi ini menyimpan banyak nutrient yg ternyata baik utk tubuh..
selain kaya dgn antioksidan,ia juga tinggi kandungan vitamin a, vitamin c, serat,potassium, n rendah kalori..
bahan aktif yg terkandung di dalamnya mampu menanggalkan sel kulit mati sehingga kulit
menjadi lembap, sihat dan cerah...
oleh sebab itulah khasiat strawberi sering dijadikan bahan campuran utama utk produk penjagaan wajah seperti facial...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cute photo..

2nd week in ipgm ksm..

bnothing to say..
but i feel better to be here...
without what i want i cant get..
so its better i think...
now,im getting closer to my frenz...
especially in my unit..

today, at recess time, we were called to our senior classes n we needed to introduce ourselves to them...
although my heartbeat got rise but i am intro myself with good confident..
what a nerve side..hohoho

today, we didnt learn so much..
just one period in da moning with da ustaz..
n then rest at all time..
wasting time in computer lab...
thats is what i want..

i got a problem now..
just now, i want to transfer songs into my usb..
but my usb was cramp..
n now i cant use that...
what a pity n big problem to me...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

knp?? knp?? knp??

bila aku nak happy??
knp hidup aku jarang happy???
sebab aku xbersyukur ke...



Afghans usually sit with legs crossed; however, pointing the soles of the feet towards someone else is considered impolite. During meals, Afghans generally sit on the floor around a mat on which food is served in a communal dish. Food is eaten with the fingers of the right hand or a piece of nan (unleavened bread). Any business discussions occur after refreshments. Guests do not bring gifts.

Albanians greet with a handshake. They often move their hands and heads when conversing. Visiting is considered a joyful event and unplanned visits are common.

In Algeria, Arabic is the official language. Greetings are often cordial and genuine, usually a handshake and an embrace (between members of the same sex). Algerians frequently use hand gestures during conversations. It is considered impolite to point directly at someone. Men and women tend to socialize separately. During non-social visits, people generally spend little time on small talk and usually shift the conversation to the intended subject.

When negotiating with business associates in Argentina, remember to be punctual for meetings, but expect most local businessmen to arrive five to 10 minutes late. The most popular topic of discussion is sports, particularly soccer. The national language is Spanish, but English is spoken and widely understood. A few words in Spanish are appreciated, but do not attempt Spanish at a business meeting unless you are fluent.

Australians generally don't like to talk business during leisure hours, and they avoid making class distinctions. For example, when riding alone in a taxi, it's considered polite to sit in the front seat with the driver. If an Australian invites you to afternoon tea, expect just that, a cup of tea. However, an invitation to tea usually will include dinner.

In Austria, it is impolite to begin eating before others are ready. Also, punctuality at business meetings is expected.

The official language is Arabic although English is widely used in business and banking circles. Handshakes are common and may last the length of the conversation. It is generally unacceptable for a man to greet a woman unless it is part of business protocol. Bahrainis often invite relatives, friends and foreigners to their home. Guest usually bring a gift to the host, such as sweets or flowers.

When introduced to a man, it is customary to shake hands with him, while women may merely nod. A standard Hindu greeting is performed with the palms held in prayer. Most business people speak English. It's also considered polite to arrive strictly on time for both business and social engagements. Use the right hand for eating and don't forget that the "thumbs up" gesture is considered rude.

When dining with business associates in Belgium, relax and enjoy yourself. Meals are an important social and cultural event. Most Belgians are thrifty and do not like waste; finishing one's food is expected.

Belizeans are informal and friendly when greeting one another. In formal situations, people address others by title but in informal settings they use first names. To hail a taxi or bus, people in Belize move the hand up and down before the vehicle passes. When visiting, most hosts will offer a refreshment. In those areas without refrigeration people might offer fresh coconut.

In Bolivia, scheduled events begin late since arriving on time is not expected. Bolivians maintain little personal space and tend to stand close during conversations. Bolivians often use their hands and facial expressions to communicate. Eye contact is considered essential and avoiding another's eyes shows lack of trust, suspicion or shyness. In restaurants, the tip is usually included but leaving a little extra (up to 5%) is considered polite.

In Brazil, remember that the official language is Portuguese, not Spanish. Brazilians take soccer very seriously, and consider their national team to be the best in the world. In business negotiations, Brazilians enjoy conversation, jokes and getting to know each other. This is part of business negotiations, so you should take time to enjoy.

In Bulgaria, 'yes' is indicated by shaking the head from side to side and 'no' is expressed with one or two nods. In conversation, Bulgarians generally do not use hand gestures but they often touch each other. During meals, napkins are placed on the table, not on the lap. Toasting is done at the beginning and throughout the meal. People maintain eye contact when clinking glasses during the toast.

Remember that Canada is, by law, a bilingual country. In fact, about 25 percent of the population considers French their first language. Nearly all government employees in Canada are bilingual.

When meeting someone for the first time in Chile, a firm handshake with direct eye contact is an appropriate greeting. However, close friends and relatives greet each other with an "abrazo"(ah-brat-zo), a combination hand shake and hug, often supplemented with a kiss for women.

When dealing with business associates in China, remember that the Chinese people place emphasis on trust and mutual connections. Always use a person's proper title and expect a slight bow or handshake upon an introduction. Maintain distance when speaking, avoid open displays of affection, and never appear loud or overly aggressive. Tropical or lightweight clothing is acceptable in the summer in northern China and for most of the year in southern China.

During conversations, Colombians tend to be expressive with their hands and face. Goods manners while eating is important to Colombians. In a group, it is considered impolite to take anything to eat without offering it to others first. Eating on the streets is considered improper.

Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, socializing is an important part of a business relationship. While lunch is a time to discuss business, dinner is usually reserved for entertaining guests.

Czech Republic
Czechs do not visit one another unannounced. Czechs remove their shoes when entering a home and leave them in the entryway. Invited guests usually bring flowers for the host.

Danish is the official language but English is widely spoken and understood. Although generally informal, Danes shake hands when introduced to strangers, at the end of business meetings and on formal occasions. When visiting, it is important to arrive on time. Danes also bring a small gift for the host such as flowers, wine or chocolate. In restaurants, a service charge is included in the bill, but some people leave a small tip.

Dominican Republic
To hail a taxi, one wags a finger or fingers (depending on the number of passengers) in the direction one is going. At a restaurant, one will clap to request the check. To Dominicans, privacy is unimportant. Hosts offer visitors something to drink and invite them to eat if mealtime is near. It is not considered impolite to refuse such an offer.

When negotiating in Ecuador, professional courtesy is extremely important. It is unwise to appear overly familiar with Ecuadorians. A handshake is acceptable when meeting for the first time. Women who are close friends may kiss each other in greeting, while men will embrace. Many visitors have trouble breathing when they first arrive in Ecuador due to the high altitude, therefore it is advisable to relax on your first day and acclimate yourself.

In Egypt, English is widely spoken. The Egyptian work week is Saturday through Thursday, and Friday is a day of rest in the Muslim culture. Social engagements are usually held late in the day. Dinners may not be served until 10:30 p.m. or later.

El Salvador
Summer clothing is suitable all year round because of the warm climate. Business people often wear suits. A brief, firm handshake is the usual formal greeting. It is considered impolite to point directly at people. However, pointing to animals or objects is acceptable. To hail a taxi, one points at an angle to the street.

In general, the English are a reserved people. A handshake is the most common form of greeting among the English. Manners are important. When visiting, guests usually bring a gift such as chocolate or flowers. Sending a thank you note is also considered appropriate. The English eat continental style, with fork in the left hand and the knife in the right.

In Fiji, it is customary to introduce yourself with a handshake, a smile and raised eyebrows. When socializing with business associates, a drink of kava may be offered as a sign of goodwill. Kava is made from the root of a plant in the pepper family. Refusal to drink may be seen as an insult.

In Finland, taking a sauna is a national pastime, an offer to join your host in the sauna represents an honor or a special occasion. At meals, the guest of honor is expected to offer a toast following the meal, so it is a good idea to save your wine until then. Use caution when driving: seatbelt and drunk driving laws are strictly enforced, and moose and reindeer are common roadway hazards.

The French are very proud of their culture, heritage and way of life. They expect visitors to have some knowledge and appreciation of the French culture. The French tend to dress fashionably. Professional attire tends to be formal. Table manners are considered important. One does not place the elbows on the table. Fruit is peeled with a knife and eaten with a fork. It is polite to bring a gift to the host such as chocolate or flowers. Foreign visitors should not bring wine as a gift unless certain of its high quality.

When doing business in Germany, remember that business people there respect order and discipline. Arrive on time for meetings and social events, and answer all correspondence and inquiries promptly. When telephoning, Germans generally avoid small talk, and proceed straight to the business at hand.

When dealing with business associates in Greece, you should give your business card to everyone you meet. When you want to say "hello," don't wave your palm "American style"; instead, raise your index finger with your palm closed.

Grenadians are considered to be among the friendliest people in the Caribbean. They always offer guests a refreshment and it is considered impolite to refuse. Grenadians have a passion for the sport of cricket. Each town has a cricket team and boys begin playing at age ten.

In Guatemala it is considered polite to speak softly, and the use of titles is very important. Don't call out someone's name in public. Instead, make a short hissing sound to get someone's attention.

When dealing with business associates in Haiti, remember that although punctuality is not strictly adhered to, an early arrival is considered rude. Generally, people shake hands in greeting. It is recommended you keep a supply of business cards on hand. These should be printed in both English and French, the Haitian native language. Casual warm weather clothing is accepted, but business meetings usually call for a conservative suit.

In Honduras, individual needs are considered more important than schedules, so being late for appointments or social events is common. A handshake is an appropriate greeting for men and urban women. Hand and body language are important forms of communication. Visiting is common and often people visit unannounced. Hosts almost always offer guests refreshments; refusing is considered impolite.

Hong Kong
In doing business in Hong Kong, respect is the watchword. You must show respect to gain respect. Trustworthiness is a point of pride, so you may want to apologize when asking for a written contract, even though it is recognized as standard practice. Also, avoid the colors blue and white in your presentation materials, as these represent death and mourning.

Adults greet each other with a firm handshake. When addressing someone, it is polite to use the person's professional title with his or her surname. When visiting, guests usually bring a gift of flowers or candy. Hands are kept on the table but not the elbows. Napkins are kept on the table throughout the meal.

When doing business in Iceland, remember that it is considered bad form to discuss the weather. Expect natives of Iceland to greet each other using first names; visitors should use last names. Tipping is not allowed, since service charges are included on all bills. Appointments and punctuality are not emphasized in Iceland, because a strong tradition of "dropping in" prevails.

When invited to a meal in India, guests should offer a gift of flowers, candy or fruit to their host. At some social gatherings, guests are adorned with garlands of flowers. These should be removed and carried in the hand as an expression of humility. Indians are often too polite to say no to an invitation; if they cannot attend, they will more likely say "I'll try."

In Indonesia, never touch another person's head, for this is thought to be where the spirit resides. Although handshaking is becoming more accepted, avoid using your left hand to pass or receive anything, for it is considered unclean and will be taken as an insult. Negotiating is everything in Indonesia, never pressure or hurry, and be prepared to bargain. Punctuality is expected. Presenting your business card is essential to gaining respect and acknowledgement.

The Irish always toast their visitors, and consider refusal to drink a bit of an insult. So if you must refuse, always say it's for health reasons. Make business appointments in advance, but keep in mind that the Irish are not very time conscious. In Ireland the official language is Gaelic, but it is never used in business. Avoid discussing religion or politics.

Hebrew is Israel's official language but English is widely used, especially in commerce. Israelis tend to be informal. They usually address each other by first name. Israelis love to visit friends and family and may even drop by unannounced. Handshakes are common. Additional contact depends on one's ethnic origin. In Israel, the work week is Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays, businesses operate until 2 p.m.

Meals in Italy are generally unhurried, and can last up to four hours. During the meal, it is impolite to put your hands in your lap. At the table, it is also impolite to stretch at the table, even if the meal is over.

English is the official language of Jamaica. Jamaicans are generally outgoing and like to have lively conversations. In casual situations, Jamaicans commonly use nicknames. To hail a taxi, one keeps the hand down and waves. Good table manners are considered an important social refinement. Cricket and soccer are very popular in Jamaica.

In business dealings in Japan, a well-groomed, conservative look for men and women is advisable. Avoid trendy hairstyles, and heavy makeup and jewelry. Always treat a business card carefully, never bend it or write on it, as this will be considered a direct insult. If your host is quiet, do not be concerned; silence is an ordinary part of conversation. in Japan, a smile can mean that a person is uncomfortable or sad. People have observed that Japanese might smile on sad occasions, such as a funeral, and find this confusing. To the Japanese, it is perfectly acceptable. To an American, this is strange.

In Kenya, it is customary to shake hands when first meeting people and when taking your leave. After English, Swahili is the most common language. When invited to someone's home, do not bring flowers, as they are usually used to express condolences.

When dining with business associates in Kuwait, be sure to bring your appetite. To show proper appreciation of a meal, you must eat mightily.

Lithuanians are often reserved and sincere. A handshake is almost always used with professional contacts. It is impolite to talk with hands in the pockets. Lithuanians are proud of their heritage but not of the Soviet period. Drinking vodka (for men only) is common during most social visits. Guests are expected to be punctual.

In addition to the native language, Luxembourgish, French and German have official status. Men wear suits to work and women wear dresses more than pants. Dinner guests often bring a gift of chocolate or flowers for the host. A cocktail is usually served before dinner. Luxembourg enjoys the highest standard of living in the world.

When conducting business in Malaysia, never point or summon another person with your index finger. Also, avoid displaying the sole of your shoe, or using your foot to gesture or move objects. Always use your right hand for greeting others, taking or passing food, or presenting business cards or gifts as use of the left hand is offensive. Remember that the work week in some Malaysian states runs from Saturday through Wednesday, with businesses remaining closed on Thursday and Friday in observance of the Muslim day of worship.

The Mauritian people are family oriented and religious. English is the official language. It is not used much in conversations but used almost exclusively in business and government. It is not proper to receive gifts with the left hand. One uses the right hand or both hands. Guests are not expected to bring gifts except for a formal lunch or dinner.

In Mexico, remember that the main meal of the day is served between 1 and 4 p.m. If you are bringing flowers to your host, avoid the color purple as it is commonly seen at funerals. When making purchases, bargaining is natural and expected.

The official language is Arabic although French is widely used in business, government and higher education. Moroccan culture is rooted in Islam. Moroccans pass items with the right hand or both hands but never the left hand. Moroccans are gracious and warm hosts. Social visits can last for hours. It is considered impolite to refuse refreshments offered by the host. Mint tea is often offered to friends and business associates for short visits.

The Nepalese are religious, family oriented and modest. It is considered rude to touch another person's head or shoulders. Men do not touch women in public. If food or flowers are touched at a bazaar they are considered impure. People usually eat with the hands or a spoon. Food is not shared from the same plate or utensils.

The Netherlands
Don't refer to The Netherlands as "Holland," since this refers to only two of the country's twelve provinces. When a Dutch associate circles his finger around his ear, he isn't saying that you are crazy, but rather, that you have a phone call.

New Zealand
When doing business in New Zealand, prior business appointments are advisable, and visitors should try to be a bit early. Both English and Maori are the official languages in New Zealand, but the Maori language is used primarily for Maori religious ceremonies or other special occasions.

Because of the warm climate, Nicaraguans offer guests a cool drink. Refusing a drink is considered a discourtesy. Hosts expect their guests to eat what is served. Guests are expected to praise the quality of the meal. Baseball is the national sport.

When in Nigeria, do not be surprised if your host sits or stands very close by you. Personal space between members of the same sex is much closer than in North America. Although English is the official language, there are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, and each has its own distinct language.

Northern Ireland
In Northern Ireland, business people tend to dress conservatively. English is the official language but Gaelic is becoming more popular. Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK, its people are Irish and not English. However, they also consider themselves British. It is customary for dinner guests to bring a small gift for the hostess. People often socialize for a while before dinner is served. It is inappropriate to discuss religion or politics.

North Korea
In North Korea, greetings and introductions are rather formal. Handshakes are common among men but a bow is most common. Sitting in a relaxed manner is considered an insult. Exposing the soles of one's feet is improper. People give and receive gifts with both hands. Eating with one's fingers is considered impolite, but slurping soup and noodles is accepted.

When meeting with business associates in Norway, be advised that Norwegians are very direct in business and do not waste time on a lot of pleasantries. Also punctuality is very important.

When in Pakistan, always accept invitations to tea or dinner, to refuse is quite rude. Be discreet about taking photographs, especially of native women and religious sites. Remove your shoes before entering a temple or mosque, and don't be offended if you attract attention as open staring is not considered rude.

Most citizens are well-informed on topics relating to national and international political issues. Spanish is the official language, but many speak English as well. Panamanians enjoy visiting with others in their home. When invited to dinner, the guest is not expected to bring a gift. Politeness is important and chivalry is common. Eye contact is important during conversations.

Paraguayans enjoy visiting one another. Guests are not expected to be punctual. It is common for guests to bring a gift of beer or wine. Not finishing one's meal is considered impolite to the host. In restaurants, service is included in the bill and a tip is not expected. Paraguayans are soft-spoken people; they do not shout to get another's attention. Soccer is a popular spectator sport and volleyball is the most common participation sport.

Peruvians are strong willed and nationalistic. Men and women shake hands when meeting and parting. While punctuality is not very important for Peruvians, international visitors are expected to be on time. Guests are not expected to bring gifts, however dinner guests often bring fruit or wine for the host. It is polite to show concern for the health of the host's family. The average Peruvian workweek is 48 hours, one of the longest in the world.

In the Philippines, don't use a loud voice, and any kind of criticism should be expressed with the utmost tact. When giving gifts, don't be surprised if the package is not opened in front of you; it is more common to wait until after the gift-giver leaves.

When dealing with business associates in Poland, don't use a person's first name until he or she does. The Polish consider using first names a sign of friendship, and often celebrate this event over a drink. If you are a woman, don't be surprised if the men kiss your hand each time you meet. Coffee is in very short supply, so unless it is served, don't ask for it. When a Pole flicks his finger against his neck, he is inviting you to join him for a drink of vodka.

When doing business in Portugal, know that it is customary for men to greet each other with the "abra├žo" (ah-bra-so), an enthusiastic hugging and mutual slapping of backs. You should avoid making appointments or phone calls betwen noon and 3 p.m., when most businesses close down. If you are invited to dinner, do not feel that you have to bring a gift, but you can return the favor later by taking your hosts to a local restaurant.

Puerto Rico
Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico. Dinner guests are not expected to bring a gift; however a host may appreciate a gift of flowers, fruit or candy. Baseball is the most popular sport.

In Romania, you should always shake hands when being introduced to a man, but be aware that the custom of kissing a woman's hand still exists. Romania is a very punctual society, so be on time for both personal and professional engagements. The English, German and French languages are equally used in business transactions.

When meeting, Russians shake hands firmly. Pointing with the index finger is considered impolite but it is frequently done. Russians enjoy giving and receiving gifts. Although not expected, guests usually bring the host a gift of flowers, food or vodka. If friends open a bottle of vodka, they usually drink until the bottle is empty. Russians prefer to have social interaction before discussing business. Doing business over the telephone without meeting the prospective client or partner is ineffective.

In Samoa, formal greetings are usually given before any business meeting begins. It is customary to remove one's shoes before entering a home and even though fingers are used when eating in a Samoan home, visitors will usually be provided with utensils.

Saudi Arabia
When visiting a business colleague in Saudi Arabia, do not be startled if he holds your hand while you walk. This is simply a sign of friendship. Also, when you arrive for an appointment, remember that other business people may be present and that several meetings may be happening simultaneously.

When in Scotland, remember to refer to the people as "Scots"or "Scotsmen." The word "Scotch" refers only to a drink. Never call a kilt a skirt, and avoid making jokes about this formal Scottish attire, which is often worn by both men and women. The Scots tend to be reserved people; handshakes are generally light, and hugging is not common, even among close friends.

Singapore is a city-state; there are no rural areas and no other cities. The official languages are Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. Singaporeans have a strong work ethic. It is considered impolite for the bottom of the foot to point to someone. Touching another person's head is also impolite. Laws regarding littering, jay walking or drug enforcement are strictly enforced. It is wise for foreigners to carry prescriptions for all medications to avoid trouble with the authorities.

Shaking hands is the most common form of greeting. Chewing gum is not acceptable during social interaction. An invited guest should bring a gift of flowers to the host. Visitors should not overly admire anything in the home since the item might be given to them, even if it is a family heirloom. Restaurants do not provide water unless requested. Most businesses are closed on Sundays.

Slovenes are proud of their country and heritage. In conversation, people maintain a distance from each other. Slovenes do not admire people who are late, untruthful, rude or xenophobic. Good manners are important. It is considerate for invited guests to bring a small gift to the host. A toast of wine usually precedes the meal. English is spoken in many tourist areas.

South Africa
When doing business in South Africa, remember that visiting is an important activity. It is best to arrange visits in advance, but unannounced visits among good friends are common. Be aware that in some ethnic groups it is not polite to gesture with the left hand. Tipping in restaurants is discretionary.

South Korea
Korean is the official language. English is taught in school and many people have a good understanding of it. Giving gifts as a means of obtaining favors is common especially in the workplace. A bow followed by a handshake is the usual greeting between men. Eye contact is important while conversing.

When dealing with business associates in Spain, try to make business appointments between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Most business people take care of appointments in the morning and do paperwork in the afternoon. Remember that everything from businesses to schools closes from 1 to 4 p.m. for the siesta. Never try to discuss business at the first meeting. Spaniards regard the impersonal efficiency often associated with Americans as very unpleasant. They place great value on knowing people as individuals, so be prepared to receive questions about your background, education and interests.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, originally called Ceylon, has a strong British influence. English greetings are suitable and English is still commonly spoken. Sri Lankans are very hospitable and courteous. It is common practice for them to offer tea at the beginning of a meeting. Don't be confused when negotiating with Sri Lankans, since to them, a nod of the head means no, and shaking it means yes.

In Sweden, when talking to an older person, you should refer to him or her in the third person, and be aware that compliments to people whom you have just met are regarded as insincere. Note that Swedes answer the phone by giving either their last name or phone number. Since June, July and August are popular vacation months, you should avoid planning business meetings during that time.

Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch. The Swiss place high value on cleanliness and orderliness. Visits are planned in advance. Dinner guests usually bring a gift of chocolates, flowers or wine. General business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to noon and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Banks close at 4:00 p.m.

When visiting Tahiti on business, remember that Tahitians put a high value on personal relations. The lifestyle in Tahiti is relaxed and time is more flexible than in many industrialized countries.

In Taiwan, offer your business card to all present at a meeting. When dining out, it's polite to offer to pay, but expect the offer to be declined. The Western habit of "going Dutch" is considered ungracious.

In Thailand, the traditional greeting is a bow for men and a curtsy for women. It is customary to remove one's shoes when entering a private home. Retail shops are open seven days a week and bargaining is expected. Shorts are not appropriate dress in public places. The Thai deeply respect the King and Queen. It is illegal to write or say anything offensive about them.

Tunisians usually have tea and conversations before discussing business. Tunisia has a shortened work week for July and August when most business operate Monday through Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Invited guests may bring a gift of fruit or chocolate but never alcohol.

In Turkey, when addressing a man, always use his last name followed by "bey," and with a women, use her last name followed by "hanim." If someone raises his chin, shuts his eyes, and tilts his head back, he's not taking a nap, this is the Turkish gesture for saying "no." Don't plan a business trip to Turkey during June, July or August, since most business people vacation during these months.

Ukrainians welcome both expected and unexpected guests. However, visits should be arranged in advance. A gift of flowers or candy is appropriate for the host. Guests should remove footwear before entering a private home.

United Arab Emirates
When visiting your host in the United Arab Emirates, remember that gift giving is appreciated but not expected. Do avoid giving wine or other alcohol as a gift.

When in Uruguay, it is customary to greet strangers when passing on city streets. However, rural residents tend to be quite friendly to strangers. When invited to an associate's home for dinner, be sure to send chocolate or flowers beforehand, and avoid bringing up the subject of politics with your host.

A firm handshake is a common greeting among acquaintances and strangers. Venezuelans use their hands to communicate or emphasize a point. It is polite to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation. When a visitor arrives at a home or business, a small cup of strong thick coffee is usually offered. Banking hours are usually 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Bottled water is safest to drink.

When doing business in Vietnam, it is helpful to know that the work week is six days, from Monday to Saturday.

The Welsh do not consider themselves English but some think of themselves as British. A firm handshake is a common greeting among strangers and acquaintances. Whispering is considered impolite. Pointing and touching others should be avoided. Rugby is the national sport. Banks are open from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Stores are closed on Sundays.

In Zambia, handshaking is common practice, and you should always use a person's professional name if known. Be sure to make prior appointments, but don't be surprised if the engagement is broken without advance notice. You should avoid discussing such sensitive topics as local politics or economics, but most Zambians do like to discuss international politics.

English is the official language and is spoken by most educated people and in urban areas. Direct eye contact, especially in rural areas, is considered rude. Refusing offers of food or refreshments is not polite. Banks close at 2:00 p.m. on most days and at noon on Wednesday.

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